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Ready to roll up your sleeves and transform your yard? Dive into our DIY blogs, where innovation meets craftsmanship, offering boundless creativity and practical insights to revitalize any outdoor space.

Outdoor Sheds & Storage Solutions

Explore innovative ideas for outdoor sheds and smart storage solutions.

Extra Large Newton Plus by Keter

Going Big: Planning and Building Large Sheds for Extra Storage

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mother and daughter in the patio with an open small shed in the background

Storage Solutions for a Small Yard or Patio

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2 brown sheds and 1 deck box in a backyard

Redefining Storage: Fixing Common Shed Problems

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Man walking with toolbox to outdoor storage shed

How Do You Store Different Tools?

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Tool storage boxes on the floor of a garage

Revamp Your Garage: Ideas for a Clutter-Free Space

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Man pushing lawn mower out of storage shed

The Ultimate Guide to Lawn Mower Storage

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Solving the Bike Storage Problem

Learn more
Couple holding up bikes outside of a storage shed

Does a Shed Increase Your Home Value?

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Blue painted outdoor storage shed

The Ultimate Guide on How to Paint a Shed

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Mom and daughter looking at a leaf outside of a storage shed

Setting Up Your Shed for Winter Activities

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Man pushing a lawn mover out of a backyard shed

Is Adding a Shed to Your Backyard Worth the Cost?

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Keter storage shed in a backyard

Keeping Your Holiday Décor Organized and Clean in Your Storage Shed

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Granddaughter and grandpa running around a backyard storage shed

How Different Shed Types Fare in Colder Weather

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Man and dog in front of a storage shed

The Role of Ventilation in Maintaining a Healthy Outdoor Storage Shed

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Small shed poolside

Can You Have a Shed in a Small Yard?

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Open storage shed with a grill inside

The Benefits of Investing in a High-Quality Outdoor Storage Shed

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Man storing bicycle in storage shed

Outdoor Storage Shed vs. Renting a Storage Unit: The Pros and Cons

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Family of three sitting around a bonfire and playing with sparklers

Creative DIY Ideas for Decorating Your Outdoor Storage Shed

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Fitness couple looking into a shed full of exercise equipment

Solving Motorcycle Storage Problems: The Best Ways to Store a Motorcycle

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Gray storage shed in a backyard

Choosing the Right Size Outdoor Storage Shed for Your Needs

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Family taking out a soccer ball from a deck box

Complementary Colors: How to Have Your Shed Match Your Home and Outdoor Space

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5 sheds on a light grey background

Do Sheds Need a Base?: The Shed Foundation Dilemma

Find out

Resin vs. Wood vs. Metal Sheds

Find out what's best
Little girl coloring on a deck box

Creative Uses for Deck Boxes

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Shelving kit close up

Why You Need Keter's New Shelving Kit for Your Storage Shed

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Gray Keter Darwin shed in backyard

Choosing the Perfect Shed for Your Yard

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Manageable Ways to Store Your Kids Outdoor Toys

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grey shed on grass with open doors and two people

Top 5 Things to Know When Buying a Shed

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Hello Fall: Storage Essentials for Your Home

Learn more

6 Ways to Customize Your Backyard Shed

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Keeping Your Yard Organized Throughout the Year

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250294 LIFE 5

6 Ways to Organize Your Home for Summer

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15 Most Asked Questions About Our Sheds

See our answers
_M1A2103 copy-small

Store Holiday Decorations Outside of the Basement

See how

Just In: What Makes Our Darwin Shed a Worldwide Success

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Small Balcony Organized

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How to Jump Start Your Year with An Organized Home

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