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Adding a Mudroom to Your Garage

Not every home comes with a mudroom. Get your clean and organized home back by easily converting an area of your garage into a mudroom with a few simple steps.

Mudrooms are typically the buffer zone between the inside and outside of your house, but not every home comes equipped with a designated room. Not having a buffer area not only means that dirt, water, and snow will inevitably sneak their way into your front entry, but it can also turn that space into a zone of scattered shoes, coats, gloves, and bags. Get your clean and organized home back by easily converting an area of your garage into a mudroom with a few simple steps.

Have a place to sit

A spot to sit and put on or take off shoes is a mudroom essential. For the garage, consider one with added storage such as the Keter Solana Bench. It’s entirely weather-resistant, and the box underneath the seat has a 70-gallon storage capacity. You can use it to store out-of-season accessories, sports equipment, or anything else you don’t want to enter the home.

A neat place for your shoes

Next on the list is to tackle shoe storage. An easy way to organize shoes is to set up an open shelving unit. A shelf with enough space so you can assign each family member to house their shoes.

Organize your other outdoor accessories

To keep gloves, hats, and other accessories organized, install cabinets in your mudroom. Adding baskets to the cabinet labeled with each member of your family’s name is an excellent way of making sure that no one loses a mitten!

Finishing touches

Lastly, add a few finishing touches, such as wall hooks for hanging snow pants and scarves, an absorbent rug to keep things looking clean, and a cushion to make the bench a little cozier.

Alternative storage

If you’re looking for a different way to store items, consider getting a storage cabinet. The XL Pro Tall Cabinet is a very sturdy storage solution that is perfect for storing items if you don’t have the space for a full mudroom setup. Make sure that your shoes and accessories are clean and dry, then simply stack them on the shelves. If you want to keep it even more organized, you can add storage bins for specific accessories or family members’ items!


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