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7 Ways to Prepare Your Outdoor Space for Fall

As the summer winds down and you prepare for colder months, you might not be thinking about your outdoor space. You’re probably thinking about a new school year, the holidays or simply the change in seasons. However, while these are all fun things to be thinking about, you need to take time to prepare your outdoor space for fall. Some regions have harsher falls and winters than others, but no matter what, you’ll be spending time differently in your outdoor space than you did during the summer. Here are a few things to keep in mind and possibly take care of before the beginning of fall.

1. Deep Clean

Yes, it’s time for a deep clean! It might not seem like anything outside needs to be cleaned, but the truth is, everything could use a deep clean at least a few times per year. So, clean your storage shed. Wash all of your outdoor furniture. If you can, wash and dry your outdoor cushions. If you have a pool, consider having someone come to ensure all the chemicals are okay and you can winterize it correctly, when you’re ready.

Make sure toys haven’t gotten thrown behind bushes or in the garden and store them away in your shed.

2. Double-Check Your Furniture

Make sure to take a good look at all of your outdoor furniture. Ensuring that everything is in good working order, and then storing it properly, is important. Check for rusting, rotting, peeling or cracking. If you need to replace older wooden furniture, consider some outdoor patio furniture from Keter. Our furniture is low-maintenance and weather resistant. So, it won’t crack, rot, rust or peel. It can sit outside in all weather conditions with little to no care needed. However, the same can’t be said of other outdoor furniture made from materials such as wood. 

Before you store any of your furniture, make sure it’s clean and dry. Also make sure that if you have any furniture that needs to be repaired or replaced, you take care of it before the fall. That way you’ll have everything in perfect working order for next spring and summer.

3. Prep Your Grill

Some people might forget about their grill or not want to go outside to clean it once it gets colder. So, as soon as you see the weather start to change, make sure you double-check it. Make sure it’s cleaned so it doesn’t rust. Change out anything that needs to be replaced, and make notes about what you might need to do before you use the grill next summer. Check your propane and double-check that it’s off (it should always be off when it’s not in use!). Clean all of the dust and dirt off the outside of the grill. In addition, if you don’t have a cover for your grill, now is a good time to order one.

It can be sad to pack up the grill, but making sure it’s clean and covered for the colder months will mean an easier time getting it fired up next spring or summer!

4. Clear the Garden

Double-check that all of your potted plants are ready for the colder weather. If anything is dying, it might be time to throw those plants away (unless you’re using them for a spooky Halloween aesthetic!). Also check your raised garden beds, any indoor plants or outdoor flower beds. You’ll want to remove any dead plants and anything else to ensure your yard is clean.

5. Bring in Toys

If your kids keep a lot of toys outside, now is the time to start cycling them back in. Consider giving them all a wash with the hose and some sprayable dish soap. Then leave them all out to dry on the grass or patio. Once everything is clean and dry, store all of your toys inside your shed or garage. If you don’t have either, or you need some more storage space, a deck box might be just what you need. Deck boxes come in many sizes and are great for storage by the pool, on the deck or even just on a small balcony.

6. Go Through Everything

If you have a shed, deck box or garage that you use to store your outdoor items, go through each one before it gets cold. It’s much easier and more comfortable to clean, sort and throw things away when it’s not snowing or raining outside. Consider picking up some sturdy plastic bins to store clean dry items in. Also consider making sure that your holiday decor is close to the front of your storage space. That way, you won’t need to make a mess in order to decorate!

7. Expand Your Storage

As you’re cleaning, you might notice some gaps in your storage. Maybe you need a better mud room set up or you need to put cars in the garage, but it’s too full of boxes. Perhaps your pool deck needs a bit of an overhaul. Whatever the reason, no one has ever said they didn’t want more and better storage options. 

As mentioned, sheds and deck boxes are great options and come in many different sizes and colors. So, they can be great for decluttering the garage or pool deck. If you need some more shelving or cabinets in your mudroom, storage room or tool bench area, consider a durable storage cabinet. They are sturdy, multi-use and great for holding tools, shoes, boots, garden equipment and more.

No matter how the weather changes in the fall, there are always things you can do to prolong the life of your outdoor items. Ensuring that everything is clean, dry, organized and put away properly will make your life so much easier. It also means you won’t be running around trying to throw dirty or wet items into the garage or shed as it starts to get windy or rain and snow.


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