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2 brown sheds and 1 deck box in a backyard

Redefining Storage: Fixing Common Shed Problems

If you’ve ever owned a traditional wooden storage shed, you probably know what comes along with it. While they can be beautiful, they’re tricky to assemble and they need a lot of maintenance.

You see, wooden sheds often succumb to the elements, cracking, rotting, rusting, and peeling over time. This means a lot of repairs, repainting and headaches. That’s why we created the Keter Signature Collection of sheds–to solve these issues and give you beautiful storage solutions.

Let’s delve deeper and explore how our sheds not only defy the wear and tear of outdoor elements but also offer a swift and hassle-free assembly process. 

Join us as we uncover the transformative power of the Signature Collection and how it redefines outdoor storage by solving your problems and enhancing your outdoor living experience. Because when it comes to your outdoor space, we believe you deserve nothing less than the best.

Nature-Inspired Design

2 sheds in walnut wood look in a backyard

In the past, people have often hidden their outdoor storage – not showcased it. Maybe the shed has seen better days, or perhaps it just doesn’t blend in well with the outdoor space. Gone are the days of concealing storage spaces, though. The new premium Signature Collection is crafted to be seen. Materials, textures and colors rooted in nature, Keter's Signature Collection delivers premium construction and stylish contemporary designs inspired by nature. Immerse your outdoor space in the enchanting allure of our Walnut Brown, boasting a rustic finish that mirrors the warm, rich hues found in nature.  

This earthy palette not only adds authenticity but also brings a touch of timeless elegance to your surroundings. On the other hand, Ashwood Brown introduces an element of sophistication and style, with its light and bright wooden tones that effortlessly transform any outdoor area into a haven of refined aesthetics. 

Beyond mere visual appeal, these finishes create a groundbreaking approach to outdoor storage. The resin we use for our sheds will not rot, rust, or peel like wooden sheds. So, the beautiful nature inspired tones of the sheds will last–not fade like a wooden shed.

The Benefits of DecoCoat™ Technology in Sheds

Woodlike brown panels

You might be thinking that even if you pick a shed with a beautiful hue, it’ll surely fade, or it won’t truly look like wood. However, we’ve solved these issues as well. At the heart of our revolutionary Signature Collection lies the cutting-edge DecoCoat™ Technology, a game-changer in outdoor storage aesthetics. DecoCoat™ ensures a level of permanence that goes beyond the superficial. 

In the application to Keter's Signature Collection, this exclusive technology not only allows for vivid, true-to-life representations of Walnut Brown and Ashwood Brown but also elevates the entire outdoor storage experience - resisting wear and tear to provide a lasting premium design. As a result of more than 75 years of innovation, Keter brings you more than just a storage solution; the DecoCoat™ technology brings a statement pieces that marry aesthetics with resilience, promising a product that not only looks timeless but also stands the test of time.

Solving Shed Woes

As we mentioned above, certain types of sheds have traditionally come with problems like long assembly times, durability issues, and more. That’s not the case with our sturdy resin sheds in the Signature Collection. These sheds solve common problems associated with traditional wooden sheds. Unlike their wooden counterparts, our sheds boast a resounding absence of rust, rot, splintering, or peeling, ensuring longevity and durability even in the harshest of weather conditions.

Solving Shed Assembly Problems

But let's delve deeper into the comparison. Consider the ease and speed of assembly, for instance. While wooden sheds often require hours of labor and a plethora of tools, our Signature Collection sheds can be assembled in a fraction of the time with minimal tools needed. Picture yourself effortlessly putting together your shed without the need for heavy equipment or specialized knowledge – that's the level of convenience we offer.

Solving Shed Maintenance Problems

Furthermore, the emphasis on low maintenance and resistance to fading alleviates the burden of constant upkeep, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the worry of deterioration. With no need for painting and a surface that's effortlessly easy to clean, our sheds redefine convenience in outdoor storage solutions.

In essence, our Signature Collection not only solves the problems inherent in traditional wooden sheds but also elevates the entire outdoor storage experience, making it easier, quicker, and more convenient for you, the consumer.

Essential Features for Shed Excellence

tire rolling into shed

When you buy a shed, there are many features that have not been included with traditional wooden sheds that are included with our resin sheds. Let’s talk about a few:

  1. The heavy-duty floor ensures a robust foundation, capable of withstanding the weight of various items without compromise. 
  2. Built-in ventilation guarantees optimal air circulation, preventing mustiness and creating a healthier storage environment. 
  3. The lockable doors, although lock not included, provide an added layer of security, ensuring that your belongings are safeguarded. 
  4. The abundance of natural light with top and side windows strategically designed to brighten the shed's interior, create a welcoming atmosphere. 
  5. As a testament to our commitment to durability, steel-reinforced walls and roofs are integral components, offering unparalleled strength and stability. 

With these key functionalities, the Signature Collection of sheds not only redefines outdoor storage but also elevates it to a new standard of excellence.

Pieces in the Signature Collection

Girl in front of an open medium sized garden shed

The Signature Collection stands as a testament to the diversity and versatility of Keter's outdoor solutions, offering a meticulously curated range to cater to every need. From the functional beauty of our various shed sizes, such as the 7x7 and 9x7 in both Walnut Brown and Ashwood Brown, to the capacious and stylish 100-gallon and 150-gallon deck boxes, each piece serves as a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. 

The collection doesn't stop at storage alone; it extends to the enchanting Elevated Garden Bed, available in the sophisticated Ashwood Brown. Whether you're looking to organize, store or enhance your green thumb endeavors, the Signature Collection is a comprehensive ensemble that transcends mere utility, transforming your outdoor space into a haven of refined living.

The Keter Signature Collection is more than just sheds – it's a solution to the headaches and maintenance woes often associated with traditional wooden storage sheds. By addressing common pain points such as cracking, rotting, and constant upkeep, our collection offers a seamless blend of durability, convenience, and beauty. 

With swift assembly and resilience against the elements, our sheds redefine outdoor storage, enhancing your outdoor living experience without compromise. Because at Keter, we believe your outdoor space deserves nothing less than the best.

Keter Signature Collection

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Signature 11x7 Storage Shed - Walnut Brown


Signature 11x7 Storage Shed - Ashwood Brown


Signature 9x7 Storage Shed - Walnut Brown


Signature 150 Gallon Deck Box - Walnut Brown


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