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Cool Bar

How to Create the Perfect Patio for Spring and Summer

Make sure you have a beautiful space to enjoy for spring and summer. Get your patio in tip-top shape with a few of these outdoor patio décor ideas.

When April showers start bringing May flowers then you know warm weather is around the corner, and so are outdoor activities and entertaining! Make sure you have a beautiful space to enjoy for spring and summer. Get your patio in tip-top shape with a few of these tips.

Check the seating arrangement

One of the key elements of a great patio is the seating arrangement. It’s essential to have a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space for guests to relax and socialize. The Rio Patio Set is the perfect starting point. It includes a table and two chairs that are both durable and lightweight to make them easy to store and reconfigure.

Always have cool drinks on hand

Keeping drinks cold can be a huge pain. Lugging the cooler out from the basement, throwing it in a corner, and keeping stock takes a lot of effort. Cool Bars provide a much better solution. While functioning both as a cooler and a stylish piece of furniture, the Cool Bar keeps your drinks cool and your patio looking even cooler.

Curate your garden

Though function is essential, creating the right ambiance for entertaining is often overlooked. Plants and gardens can craft the perfect scene for your guests. Finding a planter that complements your outdoor space can be challenging. Luckily, we have several different options, such as the Easy Grow garden bed and hanging planters that will make your patio the new summer spot.

Have a place for grilling

Especially in the summer months, you’re going to want to have a place to grill. Having adequate space for your grill and enough room to do all of your prep work grill-side is key to a less stressful grilling experience. That’s why you need a grilling prep cart. The Unity XL is the perfect place to prep your steaks, burgers, ribs, and hot dogs for your next neighborhood barbecue. It's durable as well as beautiful, and can even be used as a table if needed.

With the grill fired up and space to get prepping, the only thing that’s holding you back from winning barbecue king is perfecting your seasoning recipe!

Get ready for the warmer months of the year with Keter’s durable and beautiful outdoor solutions!


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