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Poolside Storage

Poolside Organizational Tips

Having fun in the sun is one of the best parts of summertime. Make your poolside time as relaxing as possible this summer with these pool storage ideas and tips.

What better way to beat the summer heat than by spending time by the pool? Pool time is the best, but it can sometimes be a bit hectic when you are trying to set up. Getting out your towels, toys, umbrellas, snacks, etc. can be a bit of a hassle. Make your poolside time as relaxing as possible this summer with these poolside organizational hacks.

1. Use a net to organize pool toys

While playing with your kids in the pool can be so much fun, cleaning up and storing the toys? A lot less fun. Help yourself out by taking a net and tacking or nailing it to the inside of your storage shed. Leave an opening at the top so you can slip bigger items like pool noodles in that way. Smaller toys should be able to be maneuvered through the holes in the net. This will keep the toys much more organized while keeping them easily accessible for your older kids.

2. Put a towel rack in your shed

You can’t swim comfortably without towels to dry off with afterward. However, once you dry off, towels can be pretty drenched. You might just think you could drape your wet towel over an outdoor chair, but it could blow away or might not dry completely. Before you can store towels, they need to be dry. If you store them wet, they will most likely mold. This can ruin the towels and everything stored with them. So, install a drying rack in your poolside storage shed.

Simply hang the towels on the drying rack and leave the door of the shed open for a bit. The towels will have time to dry. Then they can be left there or you can use them again until you are ready to wash them.

3. Have a laundry hamper close by

If you have lounged by the pool all day and you have used multiple towels, hats, rash guards, etc., there will be laundry. Instead of carrying armfuls of stuff to and from the house, have a foldable laundry hamper close by. Keep this foldable laundry hamper close so you can simply throw any laundry right into it. Then you can easily carry it to your laundry area when you are done swimming. No more moldy or lost towels!

As a bonus, you can also use a foldable laundry hamper to store pool toys. This is especially great if you have younger kids that might not be able to reach a toy net that is stored up high.

4. Add hidden storage

Having a good spot to stow away your favorite towels, patio cushions, sunglasses, books, or maybe even your favorite snack (that you do not want to share) can help make pool time even better! Treat yourself and get the Patio Storage Bench.

The Patio Bench is multi-functional with extra hidden storage underneath the seat. it is your perfect poolside companion.

5. Add portable sun protection

If you do not have an awning over the top of your pool-deck seating, you might want to get one. While sunbathing and soaking in vitamin D is great, it can also get way too hot and uncomfortable. So, create some shade with a portable awning. They come in many colors and sizes. They can also be packed up and used for other outdoor activities like kids’ sporting events, camping, and much more. If you get one that has sides, that can be good, but keep in mind that it can still get very hot and humid, so leave at least one side open.

6. Stay hydrated

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it might not be as easy as you think. We all wake up every day, no matter the season, saying we will stay hydrated throughout the day, but it does not always happen. It is not super appealing to drink warm beverages when you are outside on a hot day. So, keep cool drinks close at hand. By keeping cool drinks close by, you will be much more likely to drink up. Grab the Classic Cool Bar or the Pacific Cool Bar to keep poolside for all of your beverages. Each of these unique drink coolers can also double as a table. So, you can use them to lounge poolside or at your next party. They also make excellent hot tub tables if you need something a little taller.

7. Get a deck box

The best place to keep all of your clean pool towels, large floaties, umbrellas, and more is a deck box. Keter deck boxes are durable and weather-proof. So, they will not rot, rust, or peel from the moisture or the sun's rays. Keter offers over 40 different deck boxes with different looks and features. While it is hard to pick favorites and all of them would be excellent choices, the Denali 150, the Marvel, and the Java would be excellent for your pool deck. 

The very best poolside hack of all is to make sure that all of your outdoor furniture and storage solutions are the Keter brand. As mentioned, we make beautiful yet durable outdoor solutions. So, you don’t need to worry about doing maintenance or replacing your outdoor furniture every year. Keter furniture stands strong year after year with no fuss and very little maintenance. So, you can just enjoy your outdoor space.


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