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How to Make Your Balcony Amazing

Whether your balcony is large or small, making the best use of the space is critical. Here are a few of our balcony decor ideas to make this space amazing.

Balconies are wonderful—fresh air in the city, a view to treasure or just simply outside space where it’s a joy to spend time. Whether your balcony is large or small, making the best use of the space is critical. Here are a few ideas as to how Keter products can help make this space amazing.


Tea for Two

If your balcony is on the small side, a small lounge set that makes the best use of the space is critical. Keter’s Rio Balcony Set is compact yet still super comfy. It’s easy to assemble, lightweight, fade-free, and virtually maintenance-free, so it makes an ideal choice for stress-free balcony living.  


Coffee Table, Stool, & Storage in One

It’s the City Box: A multi-purpose storage solution that’s also a seat and a side table. It contains 30 gallons of storage, which is enough to fit some blankets for a chilly evening, and some BBQ equipment, and still has space left for some gardening tools for those flower boxes.


Balcony Storage Options

Sometimes you just need to store things on your balcony and keep them out of the way. There’s a whole range of vertical sheds, small sheds, storage boxes, and outdoor cabinets. Try the Premier Tall if you're after an outdoor cupboard or a storage bench, which cleverly has a storage box hidden under the bench seat. 


An outdoor kitchen on your balcony?

We can do that, too. The Unity XL prep station is a perfect complement to a balcony BBQ. With a stainless steel top, side hooks, side tray, and even a bottle opener, it turns your balcony into a real outdoor kitchen. Why not also add in a Classic Cool Bar for your drinks? This amazing pop-up table has so many functions and includes a small hidden cooler underneath. So, you’ll be able to host get-togethers on your balcony with the best food and cool drinks.


Want to add some greenery?

Do you have a green thumb and want to grow some plants? We’ve got you covered! The Urban Bloomer planter is the perfect way to grow plants on your balcony. It has a raised garden bed that is compact and has a self-watering and drainage feature. So, it’s perfect for a smaller outdoor space that might be lacking a place to plant anything.

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