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Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas

Are you familiar with above ground pools? They’re a fantastic option for those who want to enjoy the luxury of a backyard pool without the extensive commitment or cost of an in-ground installation. Above ground pools offer a wonderful spot to relax and soak up the sun while providing ample opportunities for above ground pool decor. If you’re aiming to transform your backyard into a serene oasis centered around your above ground pool, here are some invaluable tips for crafting the ideal pool deck.

Above Ground Pool Idea #1: Invest in Sun Loungers

Who doesn’t love lounging in the sun by the pool? Having the right place to lounge is key! One of the best pool furniture ideas is a sun lounger. Investing in a lounger that is not only comfortable but is also low maintenance will ensure a more enjoyable poolside experience. That’s where our Pacific Sun Loungers come in! Our Pacific Sun Loungers are super comfy and won’t fade in the sun, so they are perfect for sunbathing. Line up several sun loungers around your pool so that friends and family can enjoy the warmth of the sun while having a comfortable place to sit and dry off after swimming in your pool!

Set of sun loungers poolside

Above Ground Pool Idea #2: Get a Cool Bar

You may not have pool-side service, but you’ll always want a cold drink on hand. The Cool Bar is the perfect above-ground pool decor that also serves a purpose. It's a cooler with a beautiful wicker look that can keep up to 12 cans cold. What’s especially great about the cool bar is that it looks and acts like a table. So, you can use it as a small bar table until you’re ready for another drink. When you start getting thirsty, simply pop open the little hidden cooler compartment and grab another drink. You’ll always have cool drinks on hand, as well as a great place to talk with friends and family during your next pool party.

Couple holding drinks next to a cool bar

Above Ground Pool Idea #3: Get Storage for the Pool Toys and Supplies

You know that gigantic unicorn floatie your daughter always has to have in the pool? It needs a place to go when you’re not swimming. In fact, once you get any kind of pool, it seems like all sorts of toys, games, and floaties pop up everywhere. Make sure you have a place to store everything. A storage deck box or even a storage bench is a great poolside furniture idea that also functions as storage. We have a wide range of deck boxes and storage benches in varying sizes that are perfect for everything from that unicorn floatie to patio furniture cushions. If you need even more storage than a deck box, we also offer a wide variety of storage sheds in many sizes that can be used for all of your pool storage needs. Keter has you covered when it comes to outdoor storage.

Deck box holding pool supplies

Above Ground Pool Idea #4: Set up a Barbecue Space

Who doesn’t love a barbecue next to the pool? Firing up the grill and having adequate space to prep your award-winning ribs is one of the best parts of summer. The Unity XL easily turns your space into an outdoor kitchen and is much more affordable than you may think. It’s a prep station outdoor kitchen cart with 207L/78G of storage underneath. So, you can keep the pool party going, even when you’re grilling!

Group of people hanging out next to an outdoor kitchen cart

Above Ground Pool Idea #5: Get a Few Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are featured in almost every tropical vacation advertisement out there. So, you need them for your pop-up pool deck! They’re beautiful, classic, and will look amazing next to your pool. The chairs come in several different colors and styles to fit everyone’s tastes. Adirondack chairs make great seating for barbecues, lounging around the pool, or just sitting and enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Add a few of these classic pieces to your pool deck for an Instagram-worthy look!

Row of rocking Adirondack chairs

No matter what you opt to do when it comes to enhancing your above ground pool decor, you can trust Keter products to be your steadfast companion in turning your backyard into a true oasis!


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