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Woman on a sun lounger poolside

The Best Poolside Decor Ideas for a Luxurious and Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

There's nothing quite like a relaxing dip in your backyard pool. It's a great way to stay cool, but your pool should be more than just a place to beat the heat. It's the opportunity to create a backyard oasis that should be both luxurious and relaxing. Stylish poolside decor can take this to the next level. Whether you're lounging in the sun or entertaining guests, the right poolside decor can make all the difference. From comfortable seating to stylish lighting, there are many options for creating the perfect outdoor oasis. So, put on your swimsuit, grab a cold drink and let's dive into the best poolside decor ideas to make your summer one to remember.

Poolside Seating Ideas

Set of brown sun loungers poolside

When it comes to seating options, the first thing you need to think about is what activities you like to do by the pool. Do you enjoy reading a book, watching your kids swim, tanning or maybe just stretching out and enjoying your outdoor living space? There are many different options to suit each of these needs and more. 

One of our favorites is the sun lounger. Our sun loungers come in pairs and a few different neutral colors. They can adjust into four different positions and they can fold down for easy storage. They have a stylish open-weave design and they are weather-resistant. They require little to no maintenance, as well. So, they’re the perfect poolside seating for just about anything, but they’re especially great for someone who loves to lounge and maybe tan.

Set of blue adirondack chairs around an outdoor side table

Another favorite poolside seating option is the classic Adirondack chair. These chairs are reminiscent of a resort and have an iconic style you’ll recognize immediately. They come in a few different styles and many colors. This is another perfect poolside seating option for those who just love being by the pool. However, it is especially good for times when you’re reading, watching the kids swim, having a conversation with a dear friend or just sitting and taking in the ambiance and beauty of your outdoor space.

Poolside Dining 

Poolside dining is a great way to enjoy the outdoor space around your home while also having a delicious meal. To create the perfect atmosphere for poolside dining, you’ll want things such as chairs, tables, a grill, drink coolers, etc. 

The first thing you need to invest in for your dining area is outdoor dining tables and chairs. This is the most traditional option for outdoor dining, but it is a classic for a reason. You’ll want to pay attention to the number of people you typically entertain as well as the durability and weather resistance of your furniture. The lower the maintenance, the better. 

Another great option to consider is an outdoor bar area and counter-height seating. These types of chairs and tables are great for a casual poolside meal or for entertaining guests. They are also perfect for smaller spaces as they can be easily tucked away when not in use.

Close up of an outdoor kitchen cart

If you have the space and the budget, a built-in kitchen island and grill can be a great addition to your poolside dining area. This will allow you to cook and prepare food right there by the pool, making it easy to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. If you need something a bit less expensive and portable, a Keter kitchen cart is a wonderful addition. It’s great as a food prep space, as storage and even as a table in a pinch.

Close up of Keter Classic Cool Bar

Don't forget about beverages! A poolside beverage station or cooler can make it easy to keep drinks cool and accessible while you lounge by the pool. Our favorite is the patio cooler and beverage cart. It has a cooler as well as prep space to mix drinks. If you want something even smaller, cool bars are a great option. They are coolers that convert into small bar tables. So they both cool drinks and serve as a great piece of outdoor furniture.

To create a functional and stylish outdoor dining area, be sure to also consider the layout of your space. Arrange furniture in a way that allows for easy movement and access to the pool. Use lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere and add decorative touches, like plants or outdoor rugs, to complete the look. With a little planning, your poolside dining area can become your new favorite spot for summer meals and entertaining.

Poolside Lighting

Speaking of arrangements and lighting, lighting is key to a great time in the evenings. Evenings by the pool are magical, but they require the right lighting to set the mood. Luckily, there are plenty of easy poolside lighting options to choose from. 

Group of friends sitting on adirondack chairs around a fire pit

String lights and lanterns are a popular choice and can be easily hung around the pool area to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Pathway and landscape lighting can illuminate the surrounding area and make it easier to navigate the pool deck. 

For a dramatic effect, consider pool and underwater lighting – they can make your pool appear to glow and create a stunning visual effect. Solar-powered and energy-efficient lighting options are also available, which are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective in the long run.

Poolside Entertainment Ideas

Poolside entertainment is the perfect way to keep guests engaged and ensure that everyone has a great time. One of the most popular poolside entertainment ideas is installing an outdoor TV and sound system. With this setup, you can enjoy a movie or your favorite show while lounging by the pool. Just make sure anything electrical is kept far away from the pool or it can become a safety hazard.

Two men playing corn hole in their backyard

Poolside games and activities are also great for keeping guests entertained. From water volleyball to giant Jenga, there are plenty of options to choose from. Fire pits are another popular option that can be set up in your yard, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere on chilly evenings. This can be ideal for pool parties that go late into the night. 

When creating a functional outdoor entertainment area, be sure to consider the layout and flow of your space. A well-designed outdoor entertainment area will make your poolside gatherings more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Creating the luxurious outdoor oasis of your dreams might take some time and planning, but with the right furniture and accessories, you might never want to leave your backyard again


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