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Artisan elite backyard shed

6 Ways to Customize Your Backyard Shed

So you’re considering getting a storage shed for your yard! A shed is a great way to safely organize and stow away all of your belongings. However, you really need a storage shed that fits your individual needs and wants. So, you might be wondering, Are there ways to customize my storage shed? Yes! Let’s talk about a few.

1. Add Shelving

One of the best ways to make your storage shed work for you is to add Keter shelf accessories like shelving. Shelving can be added along the walls or in rows depending on how large your storage shed is. Shelving will make it much easier to get access to your boxes and bins. If the boxes are stacked on top of one another, they could easily fall on top of you when you try to shift things around.

In addition, shelving can be used with a variety of box types and containers. You can color-coordinate the containers so that you know what types of items are in each box. You can also add labels to the boxes to make it even easier to see what’s inside. Don’t let your shed become a cluttered and uncomfortable mess. Add shelving that suits your storage needs and make your shed yours.

2. Paint the Walls

If you want to change the look and feel of your shed, painting the walls is something you can do to jazz it up. You need to make sure the walls can handle it, though. Specifically, many Keter sheds have a special kind of wall called DuoTech

This special type of wall is made of a durable and high-quality resin that gives you the beautiful look of wood, but it’s plastic. So, it’s more durable and requires less maintenance. While you can paint wood shed walls, they will peel and crack. Our unique DuoTech walls can be painted and customized to your liking with less maintenance and issues than wood.

3. Hang Things from the Walls

Speaking of DuoTech walls, in addition to painting them, you can also drill holes in them and hang things as you please! What other plastic shed allows you to do that? Probably not many. This means that you’d normally have to go with a wood shed if you wanted to drill holes in the walls. Unlike resin, wood brings maintenance and headaches with it that you just don’t need.

4. Use Your Shed for Another Purpose

Just because they are called storage sheds does not mean that they have to be used for storage. In fact, many people are getting creative and taking shed customization to a whole new level by using sheds to expand their living space. Here are a few unique ways people are customizing their sheds.

She Shed

Are you looking to have your own space? Sometimes that can be hard to come by if you’re a wife, mom and/or businesswoman. Finding a space in your home that’s relaxing and 100% yours is a challenge. So, consider turning your shed into a she shed! She sheds are the female versions of man caves and can include items that help you relax, gear to help you with your hobbies, and much more. Pick out colors you like and paint the walls or hang your favorite artwork on them. Bring in a comfy chair. The possibilities are endless!

Home Office

The global pandemic has shifted everything over the last several years, including how we work. Many people now work from home when they never planned on doing that. While working from the kitchen table or a small makeshift desk in your family room might have worked for a while, you might be in need of something better. You might need something quieter, more private and maybe a bit disconnected from the rest of your household. So, consider turning your shed into a home office.

If you decide to do this, paint the walls and add a desk and battery-operated lights. You may need to make sure your Wi-Fi reaches into your backyard, but otherwise a shed is a perfect place for a home office—especially if your house is already full.

Kids’ Space

Maybe it’s your kids who need more space. Need a playroom? A place to do school work? Maybe just a great place to hang out? A shed can do any of those things and more. A shed can be painted and fixed up in so many ways. Add desks, bean bag chairs, snacks, toys, crafts and fun artwork! Once you have added all of this, you’ve got a great space for your kids that they will never want to leave.

5. Use a Net for Loose Items

One great way to really customize your shed is to customize your storage. Maybe your shed is a storage space by day and a partial pool house by night. If that’s the case, you can always hang nets on the walls to be pool toy receptacles. That way, the toys will all be in one place and little hands will be able to easily access them.

6. Storage for Items You Use Often

If your storage shed is more for items you use all the time like lawnmowers, bikes, gardening tools, and that giant pool toy unicorn your grandkids love, you might need customized storage options. Instead of huge bins, consider getting big open-topped bins that smaller items can be easily put in and out of. If you have bigger items like the lawn mower you’ll need every week, park it closer to the front of the shed. For things you use less, put them in the back. A big part of customization is making the shed really work for you and your family’s needs.

There are so many great ways you can customize your shed no matter the season. Just make sure you’re considering how you want to use the shed and map it out before moving anything. 

If you’re in the market for a durable and weather-resistant shed, check out Keter’s wide variety. We are sure to have a shed that will fit your taste and storage needs.


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