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End of Summer Bucket List

How to Make the Most of the End of Summer as We Transition to Fall

Summer brings with it so many fun ways to enjoy yourself. Pool parties, time with friends, vacation, and even just enjoying time in the great outdoors. While it can be sad to say goodbye to summer, a whole new season is around the corner! Fall can be fun in its own ways, but enjoying fun outside might be limited once it gets a bit cooler. Send summer off in style with a few ideas from our end of summer bucket list.

1. Take a family trip or staycation

If you haven’t taken a trip this summer, now’s the time! Go to your favorite place and enjoy some time with family and friends. Taking a vacation at the end of summer might seem tricky, but it can be a great way to spend time with family before school starts, the holidays come and work gets busier. So, take the trip, if you can!

If taking a big vacation seems a little too expensive right now, or you want to stay closer to home, consider a staycation. If you haven’t heard of a staycation, it’s when you stay in a hotel or resort that’s close to your home for a night or two. This will help you get away and relax, but it comes with less stress since traveling can be hectic and expensive.

2. Enjoy a movie night in your backyard

Having a family movie night outside just screams summer fun. Rent a large screen or hang up a plain white sheet for a DIY movie screen in your backyard. You’ll need to play the movie from your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can hook your device to a projector, and you’ll be able to play the movie in a large size on the sheet or screen.

For a cozy and fun way to sit, grab a few comfy Adirondack chairs and add pillows, blankets, and anything else you want to be cozy. Another fun way to sit is by putting out air mattresses or using other outdoor furniture. If all else fails, you can always put blankets down on the grass and sit with family and friends.

3. Organize your gear

This might seem less fun, but it is necessary as the seasons change. Making sure that your pool items, outdoor furniture, and garden are all ready for fall is also important in case the temperatures drop early and unexpectedly. Make it a fun experience and get all of your family involved. Maybe have one last water fun day, and then have the kiddos help you dry out and pack everything up for the summer. This can be super fun, and it will teach them organizational skills as well as being prepared.

4. Have a barbecue and invite neighbors

You’ll soon all be trapped indoors and won’t be running into each other at the mailbox. So, enjoy some quality time with your favorite neighbors. Throw a big neighborhood barbecue and let everyone try your award-winning ribs. Make sure you have cold drinks and a place to enjoy them with a cool bar. It’s a small pop-up table with a hidden cooler. So, everyone will be able to gather around and enjoy chatting.

5. Take family photos

Yes, most people take family photos in the fall, but beat the rush and do it while your yard is still looking pretty and green. If you do not want to go to a park or photo studio, consider having your photographer come take family photos in your yard. While it’s not the way people usually do their family photos, it could be a great way to get pictures around your home and yard for your memory book. 

Having photos of your family in the yard of your home makes for an even more sentimental photoshoot. Those pictures will still be special, even after the holiday cards have all been sent and people have moved from that home.

Before you take family photos in your yard, make sure you put everything away in an outdoor deck box or a shed so no one steps on anything. The focus will also be on your family and not trying to pick things up around the yard before each pose.

6. Kids’ choice activity

This one might sound a little crazy, but let your kids have a day (or a few days) where you let them pick all of the activities. Have they wanted to visit the zoo? Maybe they’ve talked about getting out the Slip-N-Slide. How long has it been since you went to their favorite restaurant for dinner? They might seem like small things, but these memories will last a lifetime for your kids. So, give each of them a “yes day” and enjoy the memories you’re creating together.

7. Stargazing

Have you tried stargazing with your family? It’s so much fun and it can be very educational. One great way to do this is to go somewhere remote, away from city lights, to look at the stars. You'll see more stars this way, and you could even make a fun camping trip out of it if you wanted! 

If you’re not the camping type, or can’t get somewhere away from the city lights, you can always stargaze from the comfort of your yard. Set up blankets on the ground or even sun loungers that can be leaned back to look up towards the sky. Teach your kids the constellations, the stories behind them or maybe just hang out and talk. You could even make s'mores or do tin foil dinners to add to the fun.

While it can be sad to say goodbye to summer and all of the fun memories that come with it, make the most of your last few weeks before fall. With a little bit of planning, these weeks can be some of the most memorable fun you’ve had all summer.


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