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Shelving inside outside storage shed

Hello Fall: Storage Essentials for Your Home

Getting your home organized before all of the holidays can bring so much relief. A clean space to decorate and enjoy time with family and friends is the best. Whether you want to organize your garage, get your mudroom in shape, or add a shed to your backyard, there are so many things you can do. Organizing never ends. So, take the first steps and get more organized with these storage essentials for your home.

Plastic Bins

It’s always good to have a few of these on hand. Bonus points for varying sizes! Plastic bins can be used for extra storage and keeping things organized in storage rooms, closets and under beds. Bins can be great for organizing your garage, storage room, attic, or even your shed. 

One great place to start organizing is your kids’ rooms and closets. If you have younger children in the house, you might need to rotate out their clothes from their closets and organize any loose toys before the holidays. To get things extra spick and span create a pile to toss, one to donate, and one for things to keep. This way, their closet will be ready for the changing seasons and they’ll have room to put away holiday gifts.

You can also organize your linen closet by cleaning out unnecessary clutter and sorting items into bins. This means no more art supplies, cleaning supplies, or linens spilling out all over the place. Also, take a look at your garage. Donate anything unnecessary, recycle any boxes or trash that has accumulated—then sort the remaining items into plastic bins.

Plastic bins are so versatile and better than cardboard boxes. They stack well, can be labeled easily and if you use clear bins, you can see what’s inside. Also, if there’s a spill or something happens to the bin, it can be hosed down or wiped easily! The bins will also keep items inside of them safe and dry. You won’t get any of that with flimsy cardboard boxes.


Another great way to up your organizational game is to get sturdy shelving. Adding it to your garage, large backyard shed, or storage room can help when you need to see what’s in each box or you need to get items out. While stacking boxes and items on top of each other can work too, shelving makes things much easier and safer. You don’t want things falling on top of you while you’re trying to get out your Christmas decorations. So, grab a few sturdy shelves to add to your space, and it’ll look much neater!

A Sturdy Storage Shed

“I have so much storage I don’t know what to do with it!”—said no one ever! Every home lacks storage space in some way or another. Maybe you need somewhere to store your holiday decorations and yard tools, or maybe the outdoor toys your kids keep throwing around the yard need new storage space. Whatever your storage needs, if you have some flat outdoor space, there’s a storage shed for you. There are larger sheds that have double doors for moving large items in and out with ease. Some of the sheds have special ventilation and even windows for natural light! 

As mentioned, you can add shelving into the sheds for extra organization, and plastic bins can help keep everything more easily accessible. If you decide to get a Keter shed, the sheds are super durable and weatherproof, too. So, everything inside will be kept safe and waiting until you need them. If you’re interested in different kinds of sheds and how they work, read our blog post about the Top 5 Things to Know When Buying a Shed.

Extra Cabinetry

If you’re looking to add something more than shelving, consider extra cabinetry. You don’t have to go with a fancy new set of cabinets or reconfigure your kitchen. Consider getting a set of resin cabinets for your garage or mud room. The shelving inside is sturdy, easy to clean, and can hold more weight than you think. In addition, unlike shelving, you can close a cabinet. So, it keeps items better contained and out of sight.

Hooks on the Backs of Doors

This might seem like a silly one, but hear us out. If you don’t have a mudroom or a great place to store all of your fall and winter clothing essentials, this is a great way to do that. You don’t want to put wet items (from snow or rain) into a coat closet or on the back of a chair. So, grab some hooks to put on the back of one of your doors. You can get individual hooks or there are even hooks that come in a set and go over the top of your door.

These hooks create storage and help you utilize space that you weren’t already using. It can also be great for holding all of those wet items you don’t want to just shove inside of your coat closet or things you want to grab and not forget when you’re hurrying out the door.

A Shoe Rack

You might be wondering, why a shoe rack? Many people keep their shoes by the door, in their closets, or just wherever they happen to take them off. However, in the fall and winter especially, it’s good to have a place to keep your shoes. 

This is for several reasons. The first is you’ll always know where your shoes are. Let’s face it, no one loves tripping over their shoes constantly or not being able to find them when it’s time to go. The last is that when you have shoes with rain, mud, or snow on them, you don’t want that getting all over your house. By keeping a shoe rack in a well-ventilated area of your garage or home, you’ll have a place to clean and dry your shoes. You also won’t constantly have to hear “Where are my shoes?!” from your family members! That’s a huge win.

Whether you’re looking to get organized for visits during the holidays with family, to utilize your space in a better way, or for your own peace of mind, there’s always a reason to improve your home storage. So, use these tips and make sure you’re ready for whatever life throws at you.


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