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8 of the Best Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Fall is upon us, which means that it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season. The first one up? Halloween! Halloween is such a fun holiday for many reasons, and a favorite part of Halloween for many people is the decorating! It can be hard to know what to do, though, especially for your front porch. You want to have a good set-up though, as it takes center stage for trick-or-treaters. So, here are eight of the best ways to decorate your porch for Halloween.

1. Spiders and Cobwebs

One fun way to decorate your porch is with large fake spiders. You can buy them on Amazon as well as at various brick-and-mortar stores. You’ll want to get fuzzy spiders in a variety of sizes to put around your porch, and maybe even put one or two crawling on your roof or door. For an added fun touch, put cobwebs on everything. If you’d like to take it a step further, you can always get glow-in-the-dark cobwebs. This is an added fun surprise on Halloween for trick-or-treaters!

2. Floating Witches Hats

Another great way to decorate your porch is with a little magic—or fishing line. You can add fishing lines to almost anything to hang various items on your porch. The line is see-through, and you can often use Command hooks to hang Halloween-themed objects. One of our favorite items to hang up on porches are witches' hats. You can also add light sticks on small lights under each hat to give them a cool, disembodied, ghost-witch look.

3. Scarecrows, Corn, and Hay Bales

You can move away from decorating your porch in a spooky Halloween theme and go for a fall theme instead. Use cute friendly scarecrows to decorate your flower beds and porch. You can even add in dried corn stalks and hay bales. Many pumpkin patches and corn mazes sell these items. You can also check with local farmers to see if they might sell some as well. Overall, this look is fun because you can use it for Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, you only need to make a few minor adjustments to decorate for both holidays.

4. Festive Planters

A fun way to decorate for any holiday, but especially Halloween, is to utilize your planters. You can keep your real plants in and decorate around them, or you can put in faux plants. A favorite of many home decor enthusiasts is faux mums. There is no need to water them, they come in lovely fall colors, and you don’t have to worry about them dying in the middle of the season. 

If you want to go a little more scary, consider adding some more spooky-looking plants. Man-eating plants as well as mystical-looking black or purple plants can all be great additions to a Halloween planter. You can also simply add in small pumpkins or even witch legs to your existing planters!

5. Pumpkin Palace

One way that is becoming more and more popular to decorate porches is with tons of pumpkins. To do this, you’ll need faux or real pumpkins, and you can get them in a variety of colors. Get them in at least two colors or different shades to add dimension to your display. Then you can use the pumpkins to line your porch steps or to accent your front door. 

To be more sustainable and eco-friendly, get a group of faux pumpkins you can use every year as well as for Thanksgiving decor. If you’d prefer real pumpkins, you can bake them into pies or use them for composting when Halloween is over. It’s always better to find eco-friendly ways to decorate when possible.

6. Animatronics

You either love or hate Halloween animatronics. They can add a really spooky touch to your front porch. They come in varying levels of scare factor, and you can even get some animatronics that are based on famous horror movies. This can be a fun way to decorate if you especially love spooky-themed decor. They might even scare away trick-or-treaters, which means more candy for you!

7. Garlands and Wreaths

Our seventh way to decorate your porch is with fall garlands and fun wreaths. Fall garlands come in a variety of colors, materials and lengths. You can hang them around your door, put them on pillars, put them on railings, line the overhang of your porch, etc. To easily hang the garlands, you can always grab some Command hooks and place them in the area. To make sure the garland is extra secure, utilize a clear fishing line. You can also use the fishing line to tie additional accents, ribbons and small decor items to your garlands. You can also add lights for a fun touch.

Wreaths are also a fun way to decorate your door for Halloween and fall in general. They can be fall or Halloween-themed and come in many sizes and colors as well! We’d suggest matching your wreath to the theme of your porch. So, if you decide to decorate with pumpkins, have your wreath match the color pallet of your pumpkins, or add in some tiny faux pumpkins to your wreath. On the other hand, if you’re doing a spooky spider porch, add some spiders crawling up the wreath. You can also just decorate your porch with an ornate wreath if you’re not super into decorating.

8. Battery Operated Candles

You can utilize candles in an elegant fall display, or you can make them truly creepy looking for a scary Halloween display. Since you don’t want to have any fire hazards on your porch, opt for battery-operated candles. Since the candles will be outside, make sure you get outdoor ones as well. For a creeper look, you can get black candles or ones with eerie colored “flames”.

Storing It All Away

Once the spooky season has passed, you’ll want a place to put everything neatly away. You might elect to put everything in bins or a cabinet in your garage, but this can take up so much space. The best thing to do is get a Keter storage shed

These sheds are weather-proof, durable and look amazing in your backyard. They can also keep your garage, storage room and mud room free of clutter. This is very necessary, especially in the fall and winter when you want your cars parked in the garage and room inside the house for all of your high-priority items—which doesn't include Halloween decor. You’ll be able to rest assured that your decor is neatly tucked away in your shed out of the way.