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shed spare parts

Keter Spare Parts

Are you missing a piece for your shed? We're here to help make it right. Whether you are looking to replace the hinges on your shed door, a panel for one of our deck boxes or the leg of a very loved garden bed, count on us to promptly assist you.

Our “Contact Us” form is the best way to quickly get your spare parts. At Keter, we're happy to offer replacement parts for free if your item is covered under the Keter warranty and you have proof of purchase. For all other spare parts requests, there may be a charge involved. Our dedicated Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you.

How To Order Spare Parts?

  • icon of a book with the Keter logo

    1. Open The Assembly Instructions

  • icon of a screw

    2. Find The Part Number

  • icon of a computer with a checkmark

    3. Submit A Request

screenshot of a website with search field and Keter logo

1. Open The Assembly Instructions

If you don't have it handy, you can download a copy of the assembly instruction on the product detail page of your Keter product. Simply use the search on our homepage or view all products.

3 shed spare parts with a spare part number

2. Find The Part Number

All Keter parts have a number. The assembly instruction has an overview of all parts and part numbers.

screenshot of a website form with an open drop-down showing

3. Submit A Request

When you go to the "Contact Us" form, simply select "Replacement Parts”, enter the parts number and write a detailed message. Please include images. For hassle-free shipping of parts, keep your proof of purchase handy and have an active PayPal account if the replacement is not covered under the Keter warranty. We hope you won’t need parts, but if you do, we are here to help!


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