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Introducing the Lakeside Collection

Picture for a moment summer vacation with your family by the lake. Wading in the water, gathering around a bonfire, and just sitting with family and enjoying the beauty around you. These are lasting memories that have never left you. Recreating memories like this with your own family might be a goal of yours, and we understand that. So, we created the Lakeside Collection.


The Newest Addition: The Lakeside Collection

We kept our own lakeside memories in mind as we created our latest Lakeside Collection pieces. We’ve added two new beautiful styles of chair. It is our hope that these chairs will add to your leisure and memory-making with your own family! Imagine sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows, watching your kids wade in the lake water, or listening to the birds sing. There are so many magical ways to enjoy your time at the lake, and we hope you’ll let our newest chairs be a part of this scene. There are a number of reasons they’ll make great lakeside companions. Let’s explore why.

What Makes These Chairs Perfect for Waterside Living?

So, what makes them perfect for a relaxing time next to the lake? Well, there are many reasons. The first is that the chairs are made from an extremely durable resin. They can handle being exposed to things such as water, sun and salt, which you will definitely need next to a lake. The chairs also have SunGuard technology, which means the colors will not fade. So, you have weather-resistant chairs that will not crack, rot, rust or peel like traditional wooden chairs in the same style. This is partially because the Lakeside Collection incorporates proprietary LumberTech Boards, which also gives the chairs a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds each.

The Lakeside chairs are made in America and they are made to last. However, if you ever do run into an issue, they have a 20-year warranty. So, there’s no need to fuss if you need help with your chairs down the road. We just want you to enjoy soaking up all of the memories next to the lake.



  • Needs to be repainted each season and looks weathered quickly.
  • Contributes to deforestation.
  • Can be a safety hazard–no one likes splinters and rotting wood.
  • Insects love it–which is bad for you.


  • Made from recycled material (sustainably made from milk containers).
  • It’s also American made so the craftsmanship is sound and cut to order.
  • It includes SunGuard Technology. So, it’s fade-resistant and colors stay rich and vibrant.
  • Insect-proof.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No repainting needed.

The Design and Lifestyle of The Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside Collection was designed to look like a classic Adirondack chair, but we wanted to take a new approach. We wanted the chairs to have durability and be reliable. So, you can focus more on skipping rocks with your son, building a tree fort with your daughter or simply enjoying your morning coffee lakeside with the love of your life. Yes, we sell chairs, but we want to be in the business of family bonding and memory making, and that’s just what these chairs can do–assist you in having the best lakeside memories ever.

When it comes to design, the Lakeside Collection is unmatched. We’ve created seating that comes in beautiful natural colors. These are not only on-trend, but they also create a beautiful neutral pallet to decorate your outdoor space with. This helps you elevate your lakeside retreat with new outdoor furniture staple pieces. 

Material Engineering

Here at Keter, we think that our Earth is a pretty important place. If you’re enjoying a lakeside retreat, we’re guessing you love it, too. So, we created our Lakeside Collection with sustainability in mind. So, you’re getting a very durable and weather-resistant product that is good for the Earth. Plus, the chairs will last for years to come. So, you don’t need to worry about replacing them and having your outdoor chairs continuously ending up in a landfill.

Though they are made out of sustainable materials, the chairs have a gorgeous classic wood look. As mentioned above, while wooden chairs are beautiful, they tend to need quite a bit of maintenance. Our furniture is so strong because it’s made from LumberTech material. This is why it’s much heartier than wood. How? Well, let’s compare the two.


So, you can have all of the beauty of classic wooden chairs without the hassles and headaches.

Want to learn more about the Lakeside Collection? It is our premium collection, and we have more styles on the way to help elevate your lakeside experience. Let us be a part of making your family’s lakeside memories magical with the two new chair designs from Keter’s Lakeside Collection, today.

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