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Solana Bench

6 Ways To Organize Your Home For Summer

There’s nothing quite like a clean and organized space. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to get your home organized, tidied, and decluttered for summer!

Many people talk about spring cleaning, but cleaning and decluttering at any time of the year are great! Since summer is nearly here, you might be wanting to get organized before the fun and chaos of the summer months set in. Need some inspiration? Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to get your home organized, tidied, and decluttered so you’re all set for summer!

1. Sort your belongings

The first step to any cleaning project is to sort your stuff. We collect so much stuff, and it can be great to purge things you haven’t thought about in a long time. It can be hard sometimes to let go of things, or even know what to get rid of, though. To make this task easier, try answering these simple questions for each item: When have I used it last? (If it’s been a long while, ditch it); How many such items do I have? (Remember — less is more); and Do I really need it? (If not, donate it because others probably do). 

While donating and throwing things out can be hard, just remember that you’ll feel so much better once you’ve gotten rid of things you don’t need.

2. Find places to keep everything

Once you know what you’re keeping, you need to find “homes” for them. This means everything that you’re keeping needs to have a specific place where they are always kept. Items without “homes” will continue to be cluttered around your house. So, keep this in mind as you’re looking for places for everything. One great way to organize things and keep them stored safely away is in a utility garage cabinet. These cabinets can be kept in the garage, a laundry room, or even a basement. It’s a great way to store things in an organized manner! 

If you have bigger items you want to store away, or your garage is just too full, consider getting a backyard shed. You can get sheds as big as the Factor Shed or as small as the Premier Shed. No matter what your storage needs are, Keter has a number of solutions that are sure to help!

3. Organize your junk drawer

Once you’ve organized the big stuff, it’s time to tackle the small things. Your junk drawer is usually where things like pens, office supplies, batteries, and even electronic accessories end up being tossed. The first step is to take everything out of the drawer and sort out the items you don’t want to keep or the items that might need to be stored elsewhere. Then you can reorganize the drawer.

A really good trick for organizing all your smaller items, such as cables, power banks, office supplies, and the like, is to use zip lock bags. Group like items together in zip lock bags. Then, label the bags and place the cords and other accessories in separate, labeled bags and store them in a drawer. This makes it easy to grab items as you need them and put them away. So, the drawer is much more likely to stay organized!

4. Declutter surfaces

Next, think about all of the surfaces in your house. Cluttered surfaces can make an otherwise clean house look really sloppy. Think about your desktop, bathroom counter, kitchen counter, and coffee table. Go around to all of the surfaces and collect everything in a laundry basket. Then dust/clean each surface. Once you have all of the items in one basket, take them out and sort them. Then find them all places to go so they stay off of the surfaces in the future. If needed, add new storage units where you can hide the stuff you use daily and leave only a few items on display.

While you’re decluttering inside, consider your backyard as well. If, for example, your pool deck is always littered with pool toys, outdoor cushions, and towels, consider getting a Solana Bench. This outdoor bench provides beautiful seating with storage inside! So, you can store everything out of sight, while still being accessible.

5. Declutter your laundry room

The laundry room always seems to be the dumping ground for everything. Dirty clothes, shoes, hats, lost socks, and more. To declutter your laundry room, take everything out. Then get yourself a sturdy storage unit, like the Pro Tall cabinet, to store everything away. Each shelf can hold up to 99 pounds, so you won’t have to worry about shelves collapsing and items breaking. 

Neatly place your laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and other relevant items in the unit. Also, to make life easier, use two laundry baskets — one for your delicates and one for your regular laundry. This will save you precious sorting time on laundry day.

6. Utilize smart storage

There are so many nooks and crannies around your home, and they might be going unused. This is a big mistake, though! They are great storage spaces so utilize them! Use baskets to store regularly used items such as books and toys, and boxes for winter items such as boots and blankets. You’ll be grateful to have more room to store things, and your items will be more accessible than ever.

No matter what time of the year you’re decluttering, good for you! There’s nothing quite like a clean and organized space for you and your family to enjoy!


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