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How to Jump Start Your Year with An Organized Home

Happy New Year! With a new year often comes new ideas, goals, and ways of doing things. You may be trying to jump-start the year with a tidier home. It’s a great goal that you really would like to stick to this year. That means finding new ways to stay organized and keep your things stored away properly. If you’ve got the energy and want to do it, then nothing can stop you this year. Here are a few ways to create better and more organized storage in the new year.

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Utilize a Storage Shed

Wait a minute before you rule out a storage shed. You might be remembering this huge wooden shed your parents had in their backyard when you were growing up. It worked well, for the most part. However, it probably required a lot of maintenance. Once stuff went in, it probably didn’t come out that often because it was simply too difficult to find things and pull them out. However, the shed did look pretty when it was properly maintained. After this experience, getting a shed might sound like a bad idea. However, it’s not. There are several things you need to know about modern resin sheds.

Keter storage sheds are made from a sturdy resin material that has a classic wood look without all of the maintenance. So, it won’t crack, rust, peel, or rot like the sheds you saw in your childhood. Our sheds also come in a wide variety of sizes. Gone are the days when you need to buy a huge storage shed. You can buy a small, medium, or large shed now–whatever best fits your outdoor space. On top of all that, our sheds are made with eco-friendly materials, and they look just like a beautiful classic wooden shed. Many of our sheds also feature windows, skylights, and double doors.

To best use the shed to create a more organized home, start by going through all of the problem areas around the house. We’re looking at your garage, mudroom, family room, and closets! Make sure to carefully go through all of these problem areas and donate, recycle or pack up any clutter. Don’t just throw the items back in the garage or a closet, though. Carefully organize the items into groups, place them in boxes and label each box. There are even stickers with QR codes you can buy now to write out and keep an easier digital inventory. In addition, you’ll want to utilize boxes to store as much as you can on shelves. Loose items in storage sheds can make a mess. So, put everything you can in boxes and bins. Clear bins are great because you can easily see what’s inside, and they keep your items safe and clean.

Now, to solve the issue of keeping your indoor space organized with a shed. You’re probably looking for a way to decrease the clutter in your home while also being able to get easy access to your items. The best and easiest way to keep your shed organized is by adding sturdy shelving. Adding shelving along the walls or in rows can make for much easier storage. You can more easily move items around without piles of things toppling over. In addition, you’ll be able to see everything better, and it’s much easier to keep an inventory. With this system in place, you won’t need to clutter up your living space anymore, and you’ll be able to get easy access to everything in the shed as needed.

Keep a Storage Bench on Your Patio

If you don’t have room for a shed, or you’re looking for another great storage option, utilizing a storage bench can be a great way to store items. This is also a renter-friendly storage option since the benches aren’t huge and can be easily moved with you if needed. You’ll want to start by deciding what area you’d like to de-clutter. As a suggestion, since storage benches are typically kept outside, you’ll probably want to utilize this storage for grilling tools, toys, cushions, gardening equipment, etc.

Once you’ve selected the items you’d like to store, organize them into groups. For example, if you have quite a few grilling tools, put them all together in a pile and then place them in a small plastic bin or bag together. This way, you won’t have to take everything out of the container to look for loose tools every time you need to grill. Repeat this process with all of your groupings of items until you don’t have any items that will fit in a bin or bag (like pool toys or cushions). Then, place the bigger items inside the storage bench first, and fill in the smaller spaces with all of your smaller storage items in carefully labeled bins and bags. This will help you declutter your garage and outdoor space while keeping your items safe and clean.

A Deck Box on the Porch

Another great and more portable storage option is an outdoor deck box. Deck boxes are great for smaller areas such as pool decks and porches. However, if you need storage for a bigger area, many deck boxes come in large, medium, and small sizes. So, there’s a size that will fit your space and needs.

Organizing a deck box is pretty much the same process as organizing a storage bench. So, you can follow that same process for the best decluttering results. This option is another great storage solution if you’re renting because deck boxes are sturdy and easy to move if needed.

Mudroom and Storage Room Storage

Two of the biggest areas of clutter in your home, besides your garage, tend to be the mudroom and the storage room. These are not areas that your guests frequent, so these rooms might not get much attention and become a catch-all for all of your loose items. It can be tempting to leave them as is, but it’s important to de-clutter these areas so they can work better for you and your family. 

You’ll want to start by carefully cleaning out these rooms and only keeping what you need. You can again organize items into groups that best fit your family’s needs and then move items to your shed, storage bench, or deck box as needed. For the items that you’d like to keep within your storage room or mudroom, get shelving or storage cabinets. Storage cabinets can be an especially great option for mudrooms or even garages since the doors can hide everything a bit better than a shelf. Simply place your grouped items in bins, baskets, boxes, or containers and then put them on the shelving or storage cabinets. Label each receptacle and teach your family members where everything goes. You should be all set then.

With these storage solutions and tips, you should be ready to conquer the world of clutter and create a much more organized space for a better, more easily maintainable, and less stressful new year!

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