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Newton Shed

Keeping Your Yard Organized Throughout the Year

Spring cleaning doesn't stop in your home. Check out these backward organization ideas to prep your outdoor space with the right outdoor storage solutions.

It’s important to prep your outdoor space for the new season as well. This may seem like a daunting task but if you start with having the right outdoor storage solutions for your yard, cleaning and organizing will be super easy. 

Picking the perfect backyard shed

The Keter Newton Shed is a modern twist on the classic resin shed. Not only is it available in three sizes, it looks and feels like a natural wood shed, but is constructed out of Evotech, an innovative durable cutting-edge composite. Its walls are weather-resistant and maintenance-free, giving you a storage shed that will never rust, rot or peel. An outdoor shed such as the Newton will allow you to effortlessly organize and keep your items protected year-round.

Storage solutions for smaller yards

When space and building permits are an issue, a deck box, small shed, or both are great, easy-to-assemble alternatives to large sheds. Small sheds are perfect for keeping larger patio and deck accessories such as cushions and push lawnmowers. The Keter Store-It-Out Midi Shed is a great, weather-resistant storage solution that features front and top openings.

  • Pool Deck Storage

Add style and functionality to your pool area with a deck box. Deck boxes are perfect for keeping smaller outdoor items and pool supplies easily accessible.

  • Garden and Yard Storage

Adding a storage bench to your garden or yard gives you the best of both worlds: stylish, comfortable seating and practical outdoor storage. The natural look of the Keter Solana Storage Bench allows it to mesh perfectly with a variety of outdoor styles. Not only is it completely weather-resistant, but it will also keep any contents dry and ventilated inside.

Other types of outdoor storage

There might be types of outdoor storage you haven’t even thought about or knew existed. Maybe you have items in your yard or garage that are eyesores or things you’ve wanted to store elsewhere, but you’re not sure where or how. Here are a few things you may not have thought about.

  • Outdoor Trash Bin Storage

Most homeowners have large plastic garbage bins that they have to roll out to the curb for collection once a week. These bins are often smelly and have strange colors. Storing them in your garage or on the side of your house can be a smelly eyesore. That’s why you need the Premier Jumbo Shed. This amazing shed fits beautifully on the side of your house and will hide your unsightly trash cans. It includes an easy-open lid, ventilation for airflow, and a floor panel to keep mud and dirt off everything. You can also get a lid kit so it opens and closes with your trash bin tops. 

If you already have a place for your trash bins, the Premier Jumbo Shed can also be used to store items like bikes, gardening equipment, and more. Its subtle yet beautiful storage fits your needs.

  • Garage, Basement, and Laundry Room Storage

Garages, basements, laundry rooms, and storage rooms are notoriously messy. There often isn’t the proper organizational tools to keep everything in place. That’s why you need a utility garage cabinet. These cabinets are super durable and can hold up to 55 pounds each. The cabinet can also be locked for extra security. 

No matter how you need to store things, Keter has a solution because everything is better with Keter. 


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