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Just In: What Makes Our Darwin Shed a Worldwide Success

We’re pleased to introduce you to several new pieces that are joining the Darwin collection of storage solutions. Our Darwin Sheds and the Darwin Deck Boxes are great options if you’re looking to expand your storage. While traditional sheds and deck boxes can come with a lot of strings attached (i.e., a lot of maintenance, hard to assemble, etc.) that’s not the case with Keter’s products. They’re easy to assemble and can store so many items! Let’s talk more about what makes the Darwin Collection different, and so much better, than the rest.

Introducing the New Darwin Collection

As mentioned, the new Darwin Collection features products that have been created with you in mind. They include an impressive list of features and they are sure to look amazing in your outdoor space. 

Imagine, for a minute, that you’re sitting on the deck watching your children play in the fall leaves. When they want a rake or some deck chairs to sit on, they’ve probably had to haul items back and forth through the house from the garage. Chaotic, right? There’s no need to interrupt the relaxing afternoon with this process if you have storage right in your backyard. Instead of going back and forth from the garage to the yard, your kids can just open the shed or deck box and grab what they need. So, you don’t need to get up to help or worry about them denting the car while getting items from the garage or tracking in a mess on your kitchen floor. This gives your family more independence, more garage space, and an uninterrupted afternoon of playing in the leaves by simply adding a Darwin shed and deck box to your yard.

The Darwin Shed

The Darwin shed comes in two different sizes. The 6x8 and the 4x6 sheds. Each one features a slightly different design, but all the durability and low maintenance that you’ve come to expect from Keter products are included with both. This gives you more flexibility and options depending on how much space you need. 

If you decide to purchase the Darwin 6x8 shed, it has large double doors that make it much easier to move larger items in and out of it. The Darwin 4x6 version of the shed also has a sturdy single door that will keep everything stored safely. Best of all, the sheds are made with Evotech materials, which makes them last longer because they are durable and able to stand up to the elements. 

The Darwin Deck Boxes

The Darwin deck box is 100 gallons of storage. They can be used in smaller spaces like on a deck or a small balcony. So, if you don’t have room for a shed, they’re a great solution for you.

The deck box is also very eco-friendly and long-lasting like the sheds because they are also constructed with Evotech materials. Concerned about the look of the boxes? Don’t be. They have a gorgeous wood-like appearance and don’t require much maintenance. They also won’t fade, rot, rust, crack or peel and can be very easily cleaned. If you have little ones using your deck box, you’ll also be happy to hear that the boxes feature soft-close technology so that little fingers don’t get pinched when closing the box. You can use a lock for added security, and the box can be used as seating when closed.


The key thing to remember when you think about the Darwin line of products is their incredible durability. Maybe you grew up with a traditional wooden shed in your backyard. If you did, you probably watched your dad scrape off peeling paint or repair broken boards on the outside of the shed. While these sheds got the job done, they just weren’t as durable as modern resin sheds like the ones in the Darwin line. The Darwin Collection features the new EvoTech technology. This means that the material the Darwin products are made from is much more durable than wood and doesn’t come with all of the headaches that wood can bring with it.

Match Them With Your Other Storage

If you like your outdoor furniture or storage to match, then the Darwin line is the perfect fit for your yard. With different options such as sheds and deck boxes, you can find outdoor storage solutions that all match perfectly. So, no mismatched shades here. Keter also designs products that come in beautiful neutral colors that will complement your outdoor space. 

So, what makes our Darwin Shed and other Darwin products a worldwide success? We believe it’s the quality and wide breadth of features they offer. Low maintenance, durable and versatile so they fit your needs, the Darwin line of products has something to offer for everyone’s outdoor space.