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Store Holiday Decorations Outside of the Basement

Instead of just piling bins on top of bins of holiday decorations and taking up precious space in your basement, we have a few storage solutions to make life easier.

At the end of each holiday season, do you seem to discover that your collection of holiday decorations has grown? Now you’re wondering how and where you’re going to store all this extra stuff. Instead of just piling bins on top of bins and taking up precious space in your basement, we have a few solutions that will make life a little bit easier. 

Donate or recycle unused items

The first thing to do is to donate or recycle items that you don’t use anymore. When it comes to holiday decorations, there tends to be an overflow. So, there might be quite a few items you stop using after several years. There are a lot of sentimentalities attached to holiday decor, but if items aren’t being used, they’re taking up space you could use for other things. So, before you pack items away at the end of the holiday, do an inventory. If you haven’t used an item for several years and it doesn’t hold sentimental value, it’s time to donate or recycle it. Sustainability and being eco-friendly is super important. So, if there is any way to find a new use for or donate the unused items, that’s much better than simply throwing them away.

Organize your items before packing them away

When we start packing away our décor, typically we place everything in a couple of large bins. Yet next year this leaves us digging for what we need. Instead, group your items by category and store them in smaller clear containers. Put these clear containers away in a designated cabinet in your garage, so they’re out of sight but still organized. A great option that doesn’t sacrifice style for storage is the XL Pro Cabinet by Keter. It comes with four adjustable shelves that can each hold up to 20kgs, so you can customize it to fit all your containers. 

Label everything properly

After sorting your items into categorized bins, you need to label each bin. Even if bins are clear so you can see through them, putting a label or list of the items on the bin can be extremely helpful. You can get a label maker to make neat uniform labels, or simply create your own handwritten ones. Being able to glance quickly at your bins to find something you need is extremely helpful. So, don’t forget the labels!

Consider a storage shed

If a lack of space to store your décor-filled bins is your main concern, an outdoor storage shed just may be your saving grace. You can keep your décor in the shed or instead move big items such as lawnmowers, sports equipment or pool supplies from your garage into the shed. Either way, make sure you create an organizing system that you can stick to. A Keter Oakland 11 x 7.5 Shed is perfect for this task. Its double doors make moving items in and out super easy, and the double paneled, Duotech™ construction makes it completely weather-resistant and maintenance-free.

Garage storage

There are a few options you can choose from when organizing your new shed or cleaned-out garage. Installing cabinets is a great way to keep items out of sight or add a tiered shelf or two, so your things are easily accessible.

No matter where or how you decide to store your holiday decor, Keter has the best solutions to help you create an organized storage space that fits your needs.


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