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The Best Ways to Keep Your Small Balcony Organized

If your home includes a small balcony, you might be wondering what exactly to do with that space. Smaller spaces can be hard to decorate and make functional. They can be even more difficult to organize. However, you probably really want to use this space since it might be your only non-communal outdoor space if you live in a condo, townhouse or apartment. So, here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your small balcony organized.

1. Utilize a Small Deck Box

If you use your balcony as a storage space, this is a great way to store items while keeping things aesthetically pleasing. The deck storage boxes from Keter are durable, weatherproof and extremely sturdy. They also come in a wide array of neutral colors and have a gorgeous wood-like look without the maintenance that wooden deck boxes bring. Keter’s deck boxes will not crack, rot, rust, peel or fade. They will look amazing and keep your items safe and sound.

So, simply place gardening tools, outdoor furniture cushions, grilling equipment and whatever other types of items you have on your balcony into the deck box. Don't just throw items in, though. Stack them in a way that allows you to easily find items that are grouped together. You could even use small plastic storage totes to keep items more organized within the deck box. Then close the lid and enjoy your organized and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

2. Don’t Let it Become Cluttered

If you live in a smaller home such as a townhouse, condo or apartment, your balcony might be your only private outdoor space. So, it can be tempting to store athletic equipment, fishing gear and other miscellaneous items on your balcony since you might not have a garage. While it can be great to lay out some items to dry after they have been used, the key is to avoid leaving them out for long periods of time on the balcony. 

If possible, find a storage solution that allows you to place these items inside a box, closet, outdoor storage bin, etc. once they are clean and dry. Otherwise, you will end up with an outdoor space that isn’t really usable. You want to be able to sit, relax and enjoy your time outside while not worrying about your stuff getting in the way.

3. Use Furniture that Doubles as Storage

A great way to store loose items when you don’t have a lot of storage space is by utilizing furniture that doubles as storage. Not only can you use Keter deck boxes for extra seating along the top, but you can also get storage benches as well as smaller deck storage boxes that double as side tables. So, you could set up an entire seating area consisting of hidden storage, and most people probably won’t even know. It’ll look elegant and well-organized while also keeping all of your items out of the elements.

4. Use a Shed or Storage Locker for Bigger Items

If you do happen to have a yard, this is the tip for you: Don’t use your small balcony for storage. Just use it for seating and enjoying the outdoors. Then install a storage shed in your yard. Keter sheds are durable and look like classic wood sheds. However, you won’t need to re-paint them or worry about rotting, rusting or cracking like wooden sheds. Keter sheds are also very easy to assemble. So, use your shed for gardening equipment, power tools, toys, athletic equipment and even unused furniture. This will keep the clutter off the balcony.

If you don’t have a yard, you can always get a storage locker for storing larger items that won’t fit within your home. Some apartment complexes even rent storage lockers or outdoor storage closets so you have space for items that won’t fit in your home. Renting or utilizing a storage locker can be extremely helpful when it comes to clutter. It might make the difference between enjoying your outdoor space, or having to enjoy your outdoor space with a lot of clutter.

5. Don’t Use it as a Spot for Trash or Old Boxes

Sometimes having a small balcony can cause people to form bad habits. It can be so simple to throw flattened boxes, trash bags (that you’re intending to take to the dumpster) and just other miscellaneous things you don’t want in your living space anymore. Out of sight (for you) and out of mind, right? This might seem like a good solution, but it can attract bugs as well as pests, and become an eyesore. No one wants to look at a bunch of trash and boxes just sitting there for long periods of time.

So, if you do use your balcony to move trash and boxes out of your home, just make sure you remember to take everything to the dumpster as soon as you can. It’s not a bad thing to place items outside that you intend to take to the dumpster, it’s leaving them there that creates clutter and a mess. So, just make sure to remember to move them.

6. Set up a Cleaning Day

This might sound a bit extreme, but it works. Decide on a day of the week, once a week, when you can go outside and evaluate your outdoor space. Take this time to clean up anything that hasn’t been put away properly, take trash to the dumpster, or sweep if there are loose leaves and dust. This shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes if you do it once a week, and it will help you keep this space for entertainment and relaxation ready for yourself as well as guests.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration when it comes to your outdoor space. Utilizing the right kinds of storage solutions that are durable and will keep your items from getting ruined is the key to keeping your small balcony space organized and clean.


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