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A backyard complete with everything needed for a party

Backyard Oasis Ideas for Yards of All Sizes


Backyard Idea #1: Upgrade Your Patio

The first stop on your backyard resort map is the patio. Here you want to choose patio furniture sets that are functional and inviting. Make sure there’s enough seating for your entire family, so you can all enjoy the space together. It’s important to include an outdoor storage area for your cushions so that you can use them year after year. A Keter Patio Store is made just for that! Not only is it completely weather resistant, but you can also paint it to go with your décor.

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Backyard Idea #2: Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Experience

The next area is the grill station. This is the perfect place to set up an outdoor dining area that includes a table, chairs, and a patio umbrella for extra shade. For smaller spaces, a bar height table is a great option and can be accompanied by Keter Unity XL. Your upgraded BBQ space is calling!


Backyard Idea #3: Pool Lounging Space

Your bathing suit, a pool float, and ice-cold drinks are what you’ll need for the next staycation spot. If you’re looking for backyard oasis ideas with pool, give it a resort feel by adding sun loungers, an outdoor drink cooler, and lots of pool toys for your family to enjoy. Keep your drinks cold with a Keter Pacific Cool Bar which doubles as a side table, that is perfect to use right between your sun loungers.

To keep your pool accessories neat and organized, a Denali 200-gallon Deck Box is an easy-to-use option if children are using the pool. The lid is attached with hydraulic pistons that pull the top completely open and shut it slowly with minimal effort.


Backyard Idea #4: Add to the Foliage

To ensure you get the peace and quiet you need from your staycation, make sure to add plants around your yard or by the side where the most noise comes from. Adding hedges, trees, and other plants will act as a wall by blocking and absorbing incoming noises from neighbors or a busy road while providing extra privacy.

What About Small Backyard Ideas?

When it comes to small backyard ideas, some of the things we mentioned above might not work. However, you’d probably love backyard ideas that work for your smaller yard. The key is ingenuity. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Vertical gardens breathe life into limited space, allowing plants to ascend walls and trellises. Choose multi-functional furniture like foldable tables and chairs that serve your needs while preserving room to maneuver. 
  • Opt for compact storage ideas such as deck boxes or storage benches that have more than one purpose.
  • Embrace portable planters and stackable containers to bring greenery without overwhelming the ground. 
  • Foldable grills free up space, creating a designated cooking area.
  • Enhance the ambiance with miniature water features like compact fountains or small ponds, and consider tabletop water features for limited ground space. 
  • String lights and fairy lights can work wonders in creating a magical atmosphere, wrapping around trees, fences, or pergolas. 
  • Portable fire pits offer warmth and a central gathering point, complemented by thoughtfully arranged seating. 

Combining even a few of these ideas can help make your small yard into a backyard oasis. It’s just important to keep in mind that even a small backyard can be amazing with a few well-placed touches.

Escape to the staycation of your dreams right in your backyard! Creating a relaxing and fun space while spending time together in the ultimate backyard oasis sounds like the perfect summer! 

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