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Women putting away pool accessories in her Keter Prime shed

Must-Haves For Your New Backyard

Imagine stepping outside your home into a world of tranquility and endless possibilities. A well-designed backyard has the power to transform your living space, offering a haven of relaxation, entertainment and connection with nature. Whether you've recently moved into a new home or are looking to revitalize your current outdoor space, it's essential to curate a backyard that reflects your lifestyle and enhances your well-being.

In this blog, we will guide you through a handpicked selection of must-haves for your new backyard. So, whether you're dreaming of hosting memorable gatherings, finding solace in a personal oasis or simply extending your living space beyond the confines of your home, our curated list of must-haves will inspire and guide you. It's time to embark on a journey of transforming your backyard into a place that reflects your style, meets your needs and sparks joy in every moment spent outdoors.

Sheds - The Ultimate Storage Solution

Keter Store-It-Out Prime storage shed

In the quest for an organized and functional backyard, sheds emerge as the ultimate storage solution. These versatile structures are crucial in keeping your outdoor equipment and supplies neatly arranged, easily accessible and out of the elements. No longer will you find yourself frantically searching for your gardening tools or tripping over bikes strewn across the yard or garage.

Keter Artisan storage shed

One of the great advantages of sheds is their versatility in size and style, catering to individual needs and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your backyard. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cozy urban oasis, there's a shed that fits just right.

Man pushing lawn mover out of his Keter Oakland large stoarge shed

Outdoor storage sheds come in various sizes, ranging from compact storage units to larger structures with multiple compartments. Smaller sheds are ideal for limited spaces and can be tucked away neatly. Larger sheds offer ample room for storing not only equipment but also additional items such as outdoor furniture or seasonal decorations. You can even find sheds with loft areas, maximizing storage capacity without sacrificing valuable yard space.

When it comes to style, sheds are available in a wide range of designs, materials and finishes. Some of the more popular shed materials are wood, metal and resin. There are pros and cons to each shed type. However, our pick will always be resin. It has the gorgeous look of a classic shed with durability and little to no maintenance. Sheds also can include things like windows, double doors and even planter boxes. So, you’re sure to find something that fits your aesthetics.

Adirondack Chairs - Comfortable and Classic

There's something undeniably charming and inviting about Adirondack chairs that make them an enduring favorite in outdoor seating. With their iconic slanted backs, wide armrests and contoured seats, these chairs offer a timeless appeal and exceptional comfort. Whether placed on a porch, by a poolside or in a serene garden nook, Adirondack chairs beckon you to relax and unwind in style.

Blue adirondack chair next to a pool

When selecting Adirondack chairs, it's important to consider how they will fit into your backyard's design theme. Keter offers a wide variety of resin Adirondack chairs that come in different styles. Everything from the classics to a rocking chair version. The styles come in various colors both neutral and fun. So, you can match your ideal color scheme. Resin Adirondacks also won’t crack, rot, rust or peel like wooden ones do. So, you can relax and not worry about heavy maintenance needs.

3 Adirondack chairs side by side

Adirondack chairs effortlessly combine comfort, style and nostalgia, making them an ideal choice for any outdoor setting. You can also add accessories, such as cushions, footrests and throw pillows, to create an oasis of relaxation and leisure right in your backyard. So sit back, sink into the embrace of an Adirondack chair and let the cares of the day melt away.

Deck Boxes - Stylish Storage Solutions

Deck boxes are versatile and stylish solutions for keeping your outdoor space organized. They offer a practical way to store various items like gardening tools, cushions and outdoor toys while maintaining a tidy environment. Available in different sizes, materials and styles, you can find a deck box that fits your storage needs and complements your outdoor aesthetics.

Man opening up a deck box full of gardening supplies

These boxes come in compact or large sizes, providing ample storage capacity. You can choose from durable resin, weather-resistant wood or sleek metal materials. Deck boxes can also serve multiple purposes beyond storage. Some feature sturdy lids that double as additional seating options, while others can be repurposed as planter boxes, adding beauty and greenery to your outdoor area.

To ensure the longevity of your deck box, regular cleaning and protection from harsh weather conditions are essential. Applying a protective sealant or coating for wooden boxes and addressing any issues promptly for resin or plastic boxes help maintain their appearance and functionality. By following these maintenance tips, you can enjoy a stylish and durable storage solution for your outdoor space.

Privacy and Shade - To Keep Cool and Discreet

Woman on a sun lounger next to her backyard pool

Privacy and shade are essential to designing a comfortable and intimate backyard oasis. Creating a secluded space not only provides a sense of tranquility but also shields you from prying eyes, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your outdoor sanctuary. To achieve privacy, consider options like fences, hedges or privacy screens. These features not only block unwanted views but also add a touch of elegance and define the boundaries of your outdoor space.

In addition to privacy, incorporating shade structures is vital for creating a cool and inviting atmosphere. Whether it's a pergola, umbrella or awning, these structures offer respite from the sun's scorching rays, providing a shaded retreat to escape from the heat. Shade structures not only make your outdoor space more comfortable but also protect your furniture and outdoor decor from sun damage.

To combine privacy and shade seamlessly, consider using outdoor curtains or strategic plantings. Outdoor curtains can be drawn for privacy and offer additional shade when needed. Plantings such as tall shrubs or trees can create natural barriers, providing both privacy and shade while adding beauty to your backyard.

Creating a backyard that encompasses must-haves like sheds, Adirondack chairs and deck boxes can truly transform your outdoor space into a functional and enjoyable oasis. By incorporating these elements, you'll have a well-organized and inviting backyard that caters to your needs and personal style.