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Elite Store

Solving the Bike Storage Problem

Bikes may be great for exercise, but storing bikes can be a pain. If you're searching for a place to store your bikes, Keter has a great bike storage solution.

They may be great for exercise and fun to ride, but storing bikes can be a pain. Whether they’re the kids’ bikes or yours, electric, folding, or just regular bikes, you’ll want to keep them secure and protected from the weather as well as thieves. However, they take up so much space in your garage—and where do all the helmets, pumps, and other things go? 

If you're searching for a great-looking place to store your bikes, Keter has solutions. We have a range of bike storage sheds and boxes that fit both kids' and adult bikes. In addition, there’s extra space for all the helmets, pumps, and other accessories you need to store. Our sheds will keep everything organized while protecting them from the elements.  

Cortina Mega

Family bike storage

If you’re looking for a shed that is big enough for an entire family’s bikes and accessories, we have the perfect solution! The Elite Store is big enough for two kids' bikes and two adult bikes, plus hanging space for helmets and other items. It has built-in shelf supports (shelves not included) — just cut some wood to fit and you’re done. It’s vented and has a strong latch for a padlock. In addition, it’s super durable as well as weather and fade resistant. 

Keter Grande Store

Kids' bike storage

If you’re looking for storage that’s a little smaller, we have a solution for that, too. The Store-It-Out Prime might be your perfect fit. This bike shed is big enough for two small/medium bikes and maybe a helmet or two. So, if you have kids' bikes cluttering your garage, grab one of these small and durable sheds to reclaim your space.

Adults' bike storage

If you’re looking for a shed to store multiple bikes for adults, another great option is the Grande Storage Shed. This shed fits perfectly along the side of your house and is a neutral color that blends in while being extremely durable. You can add a shelf for additional storage and you can also add a lock for added security. So, your bikes will be kept safe from the elements as well as thieves. 

No matter whose bikes you’re storing, Keter has a shed solution to fit your needs. With both big and small weather-proof sheds, you’ll be able to finally get the bikes out of your garage and take back your space!

Manor 4x6

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