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Solving the Bike Storage Problem

If you've ever found yourself playing a high-stakes game of Tetris with bikes in your garage or awkwardly wedging your wheels into a crowded apartment hallway, you're in good company. They may be great for exercise and fun to ride, but it’s no secret that storing bikes can be a pain. Whether they’re the kids’ bikes or yours, electric, folding, or just regular bikes, you’ll want to keep them secure and protected from the weather as well as thieves. However, they take up so much space in your garage—and where do all the helmets, pumps, and other things go? 

In this blog, we're diving headfirst into the world of two-wheel logistics to solve the bike storage problem. No more handlebar tangles or toe-crunching maneuvers; it's time to reclaim your space and bid farewell to the chaos of bike storage. So, grab your helmet and join us on this journey to streamline your cycling haven.

Woman putting her bike in a storage shed
Keter Cortina Mega

The Problems with Bike Storage

Let’s start out by addressing all of the issues with bike accessories and bike storage.

  1. First up on our list is the spatial puzzle – finding a designated spot that won't lead to a chaotic game of bike Jenga every time you need to grab your wheels. 
  2. Then, there's the delicate art of preventing handlebars from becoming an entangled mess. 
  3. Security also takes the spotlight; ensuring your bike is snug and secure without transforming your living space into a fortress. 
  4. The ever-elusive balance between accessibility and aesthetics, because nobody wants their living room or garage to scream "bike garage chic."

The Solution to Bike Storage Issues

The solution to how to store bikes outside might be more simple than you think. A bike storage shed is the way to go. It gets your bike out of the elements, keeps it secure, and has the huge added bonus of decluttering your garage or any other place you’ve been storing your bike. Keter storage sheds are a great bike storage solution. Let’s look at the various types of bike storage sheds that Keter offers.

Kids storing their bikes into a shed
Keter Elite Store

Family Bike Storage

If you’re looking for a shed that is big enough for an entire family’s bikes and accessories, we have the perfect solution! The Elite Store Shed is big enough for two kids' bikes and two adult bikes, plus hanging space for helmets and other items. It has built-in shelf supports (shelves not included) — just cut some wood to fit and you’re done. It’s vented and has a strong latch for a padlock. In addition, it’s super durable as well as weather and fade-resistant. So, to break it down a bit more:

All-Inclusive Family Bike Storage: The Elite Store Shed

  • Accommodates two kids' bikes and two adult bikes.
  • Provides additional hanging space for helmets and accessories.
  • Built-in shelf supports for easy customization.
  • Vented design for airflow and durability.
  • Strong latch for padlock security.
  • Weather and fade-resistant for long-lasting protection.
Store-It-Out Prime storage shed
Keter Store-It-Out Prime

Kids' bike storage

If you’re looking for storage that’s a little smaller, we have a solution for that, too. The Store-It-Out Prime Shed might be your perfect fit. This bike shed is big enough for two small/medium bikes and maybe a helmet or two. So, if you have kids' bikes cluttering your garage, grab one of these small and durable sheds to reclaim your space. So, to break it down a bit more:

Compact Kids' Bike Storage: The Store-It-Out Prime Shed

  • Perfectly sized for small to medium bikes.
  • Ideal for decluttering your garage from kids' bikes.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity.
  • Space for a helmet or two.
  • Reclaim your garage space with this small yet effective shed.
keter-artisan-117-storage-shed_1920x800 copy
Keter Artisan

Adults' bike storage

If you’re looking for a shed to store multiple bikes for adults, another great option is the Artisan Storage Shed. This shed fits perfectly along the side of your house and is a neutral color that blends in while being extremely durable. You can add a shelf for additional storage, and you can also add a lock for added security. So, your bikes will be kept safe from the elements as well as thieves. So, to break it down a bit more:

Sleek Adults' Bike Storage: The Artisan Storage Shed

  • Fits multiple adult bikes securely.
  • Neutral color blends seamlessly with your home.
  • Customizable with additional shelves for extra storage.
  • Add a lock for enhanced security against theft.
  • Durable and weather-proof, providing long-term protection.

Whether you're a family with a mix of bikes, a parent dealing with kids' bikes cluttering your space, or an individual with multiple adult bikes, Keter has a bike storage shed for you. With their weather-proof sheds, reclaiming your garage space has never been easier. Say goodbye to the bike storage problem and welcome an organized, secure, and aesthetically pleasing solution with Keter's range of bike storage options. Ride on with confidence, knowing your bikes are safe, protected, and neatly stored.

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