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Embrace Your Outdoor Space

With National Fitness Day coming up on 21 September, we’re thinking about the ways we can get active and exercise in our gardens and green spaces, and maximise every moment we spend outdoors before the summer draws to a close. Exercising at home is something that’s leapt in popularity over the last few years – initially through necessity, when gyms were closed during lockdown, but many have since carried on exercising in their gardens and living rooms as a way of saving money.

Here are our top tips for keeping fit and embracing your outdoor space:

Use what you have

You don’t need to immediately invest in expensive, fancy sports kit to start working out in your garden at home. If you’ve got a bench or chair, there are all sorts of exercises you can do with it – from tricep dips to high knee step-ups. A watering can could stand in for a kettlebell or a plant pot for a dumbbell. Get creative but stay safe – and you don’t have to don’t worry if you look silly, because (unless you’re overlooked) no one can see you!

Borneo storage box
Borneo storage box

Add in simple kit

Being outdoors means more space and not having to worry about banging on wooden floors and annoying the downstairs neighbours. So that means activities like skipping and hula hooping are firmly back on the agenda. You can pick both up affordably online and find workouts to follow on YouTube. Set yourself simple, achievable, measurable goals and watch as your stamina develops. 

Invite a friend over

Just because you’re exercising at home, that doesn’t mean you have to exercise alone. Invite a friend round and you could devise your own bootcamp, perhaps based on one of your favourite YouTube workout videos. Having a workout buddy will make you more accountable and means skiving off simply isn’t an option, providing you can both resist the lure of the readily available cuppas mere feet away.

Kentwood storage box
Kentwood storage box

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