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Maximising your outdoor space starts with organising it. What works for you will depend on what you have to store, how regularly you need to access it, and the amount of space you're willing to give to storage rather than planting or play. Whatever you decide, at Keter we have a storage solution that'll help you nail it.
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Creating Your Amazing Space

Creating Your Amazing Space

There's an art to curating a stylish compact space and Keter can help you get it right. When space is at a premium, storage solutions are more important than ever as they can help you elevate your outdoors. Hiding unsightly necessities like bins, gardening equipment and fitness gear is key to creating a relaxing, restful space that shows off the things you want people to notice – like your planting and your views.

Why Keter?

Impact through everyday decisions.

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    Long Lasting.

    Our products are innovatively designed to make any space amazing.
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    Easy to build.

    With only the use of household tools all Keter products are easy to build and maintenance free.
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    Everyday Sustainability.

    We advance a circular economy through use of recycled content and recyclable design.

We build in a sustainable manner.

We use innovative materials and leading technologies to build planet friendly products that last a lifetime.