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Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey


Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey

  • All Weather Resistant
  • Easy Clean
  • Does Not Fade
  • Hassle Free Assembly
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer
  • Safe and secure payment
The Manor 6x8 storage shed has a beautiful classic wood-like look without all of the maintenance. It’s weather resistant, waterproof, and UV protected. So, it won’t rot, rust or peel. It’s the perfect sized storage shed for bike accessories, beach chairs, and lawn mowers. In addition, this shed features light and airy windows, built-in ventilation, double doors, and a sturdy floor. So, it can accommodate all of your storage needs while staying strong.

Features & Benefits

  • The Manor Shed is built entirely from durable polypropylene resin with steel reinforcement
  • It’s weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protected so it won’t peel, rot, rust, or fade
  • Featuring a window for natural light, built-in venting for air circulation, a heavy-duty floor, and double doors that make it easy to store bulky items
  • Store your patio furniture, lawn mower, bike, garden tools, and more with the Keter Manor shed
Item number: 213413
Service & Warranty


Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
All-Weather Durability

Will never peel, splinter, or fade - unlike real wood.

The recyclable resin used in the Manor shed's construction is as durable as it is hassle-free. This rugged material is UV-resistant, so it won't fade even after years of sun exposure.

Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
Built-in ventilation

No more musty sheds!

The Manor 6x8 storage shed is equipped with a ventilation vent at its peak to help circulate air. This helps prevent the shed from becoming too musty during hot & humid weather.

Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
Built-In Lighting

Let the sunlight in.

A built-in window & skylight lets light in for a sunny, well-lit environment. Goodbye to the days of dark & dingy sheds.

Loads of room for all your storage needs.


Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
89.4 inch
93.2 inch
73.1 inch
Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
86.5 inch
87.4 inch
66.5 inch
Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey
Manor 6x8 Storage Shed-Grey


Team 2
Time 4.5 hours
Tools Electric screwdriver
Foundation required

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