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Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite


Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite

  • All Weather Resistant
  • Easy Clean
  • Does Not Fade
  • Hassle Free Assembly
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer
  • Safe and secure payment
We get it, you have a lot of stuff. Lawnmowers, gardening supplies, bikes, pool toys, and a myriad of other things — and it’s great that you do. However, it’s not so great to have an overflowing garage. Take back your garage space with the Newton Shed. This large storage shed is attractive while also being durable. It has beautiful double doors, skylights, and windows. So, it doesn’t feel dark and dank. It also has a beautiful wood-like appearance. However, it won’t show its age and it doesn’t need to be repainted. Even though it’s not made from wood, you can still paint the walls and drill holes as needed. So, you can have a custom storage shed space that fits your needs. Take back your garage with the Newton Shed.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong and durable polypropylene resin and steel reinforced to ensure durability
  • The fortified roof can handle more than a foot of snow and the built-in vent provides natural air circulation so that moisture and mildew won't build up inside
  • The full-length skylight and clear windows allow lots of natural lighting to filter through
  • Since this shed is lockable, you can ensure your tools remain secure and don't wander off without you. Padlock not included
  • The heavy-duty flooring is reinforced to support heavy equipment, such as riding mowers
Item number: 249498
Service & Warranty

Loads of room for all your storage needs.


Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite
99.4 inch
138 inch
89.8 inch
Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite
92.9 inch
128.3 inch
79 inch
Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite
Newton 7.5x11 Storage Shed-Graphite


Team 2
Time ‎4.5–5.5 hours
Tools Electrical Screwdriver

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