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Package Delivery Box-Brown


Package Delivery Box-Brown

  • All Weather Resistant
  • Easy Clean
  • Does Not Fade
  • Hassle Free Assembly
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer
  • Safe and secure payment
The package delivery box from Keter is the best way to keep your packages safe and sound. Our parcel box has a one-way, two-tray system. So, your deliveries can be made into the box but only you can retrieve them by unlocking the box. It’s also made out of a durable resin that will keep your packages clean, dry, and safe from the elements. Weight can also be added to the bottom of the package delivery box, or it can be bolted to the ground. So, it’s not going anywhere unless you say so. Boom, porch pirates won’t even know what hit them!

Features & Benefits

  • Parcel box is made out of all weather-resistant resin to protect deliveries from the elements
  • Ensures that packages can be placed in the box, without access to the storage compartment, and only you can retrieve packages by using a lock
  • Spacious interior of the parcel box accommodates several combinations of popular delivery packages
  • Add weight to the bottom hidden chamber or use the included screws to anchor it into the ground for ultimate security
  • Padlock compatible so only you can open and retrieve your packages
  • Please find assembly instructions below product Information under technical specifications
Item number: 245523
Service & Warranty


Package Delivery Box-Brown
Step 1

Packages are delivered.

When the lid is lifted, attached metal strings lift a system of trays for the delivery to be placed on.

Package Delivery Box-Brown
Step 2

Packages are stored safely.

Once the lid is closed, the parcel slides off the trays – all the way to the bottom of the box where deliveries stay safe, protected, and private.

Package Delivery Box-Brown
Step 3

Packages are retrieved.

The front door can only be opened by the owner of the box by unlocking the door (lock not included).

Plenty of room for all your packages.


Package Delivery Box-Brown
44 inch
20.9 inch
24.4 inch
Package Delivery Box-Brown
39.4 inch
15.7 inch
19.7 inch
Package Delivery Box-Brown
Package Delivery Box-Brown


Team 1
Time 40 minutes
Tools Screwdriver
No preparation required

Designed with people in mind.

We use innovative materials and leading technologies to build planet friendly products that last a lifetime.

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    Long Lasting

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    Easy to Build

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We use innovative materials and leading technologies to build planet-friendly products that last a lifetime.