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Outdoor Furniture

Do you love being in your yard? Maybe you have a patio or a deck that is littered with folding camping chairs that aspires to be more. Whatever the case may be, having the perfect patio or deck set up can only add to your yard. Don’t underestimate the power of a durable yet charming outdoor seating set. This is the place where you’ll sit with friends after a summer barbecue, or maybe where you’ll chat with your kids about what’s going on in their lives, or perhaps where you sit alone to recharge at the end of the day. Our outdoor seating sets can be mixed and matched to create the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.
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47 search results

Designed with people in mind.

We use innovative materials and leading technologies to build planet friendly products that last a lifetime.

  • Long Lasting

    Long Lasting

    Our products are innovatively designed to make any space amazing. Made from weatherproof, durable, and fade free resin to provide a long lasting feature in any garden or patio area.
  • Easy to Build

    Easy to Build

    With only the use of household tools all Keter products are easy to build and maintenance free.
  • Everyday Sustainability

    Everyday Sustainability

    We deliver innovative, lifestyle solutions for different people and places and advance a circular economy through use of recycled content and recyclable design.

We build in a sustainable manner.

We use innovative materials and leading technologies to build planet-friendly products that last a lifetime.