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Creative storage ideas for the shed

Too often, the garden shed can become something of a dumping ground. Piles of long forgotten items you once considered essentials threatening to topple should you dare to so much as open the door. But there is another way, trust us. This is where our creative storage ideas come in. With these simple and smart hacks you can keep your shed clean, tidy and organised, without losing your cool. Which means that next time you need something, you can approach the shed door without fear. No shed should be a no-go zone. Without further ado, let’s take a look at a number of creative storage ideas for your shed.

Creative Storage Ideas – Helping You Get Organised

There are a number of different ways that creative storage ideas can be utilised in order to help organise a shed or garage space.

Rack and roll

While larger items like lawnmowers might need to lean against the wall of your shed and use up floor space, make sure you’re using shelves for smaller items like plant pots, secateurs and gardening gloves. If your shed doesn’t come with shelves, put some up yourself or bring in some pre-built racking and make sure it’s near the door – so you can easily reach in and grab what you need.

Adding shelves offers a creative storage solution for all those smaller items to stop them from cluttering up your shed. 

Using hooks

Of course – creative storage ideas and solutions go beyond simple shelves. Rather than cluttering the floor space of your shed, consider whether the items you’re storing could be better off mounted on the wall. From shovels and rakes to hoses and watering cans – pretty much anything that’s reasonably light can be stored on a hook or wall mounting bracket. Just be super-careful not to add too much weight to the walls.

Peg it up

A stylish and practical way of wall mounting smaller items is to install a pegboard – you can buy these readymade from places like IKEA, or make your own with little more than a piece of timber, ply or chipboard, some wooden dowels and a little nifty measuring and drilling. Pegboards have a chic, utilitarian look and are flexible and customisable, so ideal for storing or displaying items not just in your shed, but also in your home office or kitchen.

Tidy those tools

Did you know that you can pick up a tool tidy to store your bits of garden kit? Ideal for keeping items such as spades, brooms and rakes out of the way, they should be screwed onto a solid surface, such as the shed wall, so that it can take the weight of heavier items and keep everything in place.

Alternative Creative Storage Solutions

Of course, so far, these methods have all been focused around the idea that you have too much clutter in your shed – but what if it is the other way around? What if your storage solution is too much for what you have? In such cases, you may want to downsize your shed. What does that mean? Well, let’s take a look. 

Time to downsize?

It might seem counterintuitive, but do you actually need a shed? Too often families opt for a standard-sized shed irrespective of the outdoor space they have and the items they need to store. Many families have a tendency to fill whatever space they give themselves. So why not cut right back and only keep the real essentials. This could mean that you can downsize to a smaller, more practical shed, freeing up vital space for planting, seating and play. 

Time to shed the shed?

Particularly in low maintenance or small city gardens, you may find that you can do away with a shed altogether and instead use garden storage boxes. We’d suggest two – one for any trowels, compost, gloves, secateurs and other messy bits you might need to keep your pots looking tip-top, and another to store the outdoor cushions and blankets that keep your seating areas looking cosy and comfortable all day long

At Keter we offer a wide variety of alternative and creative storage solutions – whether that is an outside storage box or a storage bench

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