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Ontario Storage Box filled with cushions

Sheds vs Storage Boxes

When it comes to outdoor storage options, there are a number to choose from. Depending on your garden and depending on your situation, both sheds and storage boxes have benefits that could make them a fantastic choice for your garden. The question is, which is best for your situation?

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Sheds vs Storage Boxes

Let’s get ready to rumble! Welcome to today’s face-off, which promises to be a classic. In the red corner, weighing in at a hefty 500kg and the undisputed heavyweight champion when it comes to outdoor storage solutions… It’s the shed.

And in the blue corner, weighing in at a trim 10kg, it’s our plucky challenger, the storage box. The prize? Eternal glory – and the chance to protect your garden essentials from the elements. Let’s go! Ding ding!

Round 1: The Raincloud Shuffle

The British summer is notoriously unpredictable, with solid blue skies turning to sudden downpours in what feels like seconds. While we can’t change the erratic weather, we can help you better prepare for it, with quick access to storage for the outdoor bits you want to keep dry, like cushions. A storage box is ideal for stowing cushions, blankets and other bits when you’re in a hurry

Storage box full of cushions

Round 2: The Tardis Effect

If you’ve got a big garden and a family, you’re likely going to need at least a medium-sized shed to store all the related bits and bobs your gang needs. A decently proportioned shed could comfortably accommodate your bikes, lawnmower, tools and gardening bits to keep everything looking tip-top. With bike racks and shelving, you can maximise your shed’s capacity so that it might also be used for potting seeds, as a workshop, or simply to escape the madness of modern life for a moment.

Round 3: The Backdoor Grab

We’re forever running outside to enjoy the sunshine and back in again during a passing rain shower or when it’s time to do homework/load the dishwasher/feed the pets. This means having a space to store items positioned handily by the back door, on the patio or on the balcony can save you and your family bags of time. A storage box will fit neatly into all of these locations, even where space is at a premium.

Round 4: Versatility

Storage boxes offer a lot of versatility when it comes to storage. They are fantastic for all kinds of items including cushions and forms of outdoor furniture. Storage boxes do have size limits however, and you wouldn’t necessarily want to store everything in one. That said, when it comes to sheds vs storage boxes - sheds have complete versatility and can store everything you need. 

Sheds vs Storage Boxes: We’re calling it a draw!

Depending on your requirements, a shed or storage box might meet your needs – sheds win on capacity, but storage boxes are better suited to storing smaller, more frequently used items, as well as being easier to hide and more aesthetically pleasing. The choice is yours. 


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