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If you are searching for a highly durable, long-lasting shed, then you have landed at the right place. Keter offers you some of the premium quality sheds that are strong, elegant and also coming in various sizes. Each of our sheds is made of polypropylene resin that looks and feels like actual wood, but offers some extraordinary qualities which are superior to wood. The sheds are strong and durable and are capable of withstanding weather elements. We have in stock small sheds, medium sheds and large sheds, where you can store personal outdoor items like lawn mowers, pool equipment, outdoor toys, etc. Features like strength, weather resistance, UV protection, etc. make these sheds meet all of your needs effectively.

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Our most well-rounded sheds.

The sheds offer a splendid combination of resilience, design, versatility, and comfort. By selecting Keter shed, you are choosing a premium storage solution that not only withstands the passage of time, but also adds beauty and functionality to the outdoor space.

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Discover our Sheds

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In your outdoor space, it is essential for durability, functionality and style to work in coherence. Keter has you, and your personal belongings fully secured.

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Each time when we are surrounded by too many personal items, our first instinct often is to sort, donate and recycle them. Though this is a great idea, we still often fail to create adequate space inside our house. This is where having additional outdoor storage can work wonders. While using your garage or mudroom for storage is great, freeing up a lot of space in your backyard is the ultimate benefit, as your home will look even better. That’s why you should opt for Keter sheds as this is an excellent solution for decluttering and reclaiming your garage, mudroom or any other cluttered spots outside your house. But why only Keter sheds? Let’s go deep into it.

Storage Shed Materials

In general, the most common shed materials include wood, resin and metal. While wood and metal can be ideal choices for a lot of reasons, the resin sheds stand out for their durability and easy maintenance.

Simple Maintenance Storage Sheds

Why is resin considered the best shed material, especially when it comes to long-term use? Simply put, maintaining a resin storage shed is much easier when in comparison with sheds made of other materials. For instance, wood despite having a classy and elegant look, can still rot and peel when they are exposed to weather elements. You will have no other option but to repair the holes and repaint them over and again. But with resin sheds, you won’t see them crack, rot, rust or peel. You also don’t have to be concerned about doing much to maintain the shed. All you need to do just clean them occasionally and inspect them from time to time. In short, you have to do only a little work to keep the resin sheds in prime shape. 


If you think a large shed will be too big for your outdoor space, well think again. Keter has in store a wide range of sizes to meet different outdoor storage needs. The sheds are available in three convenient sizes: small, medium and large to suit all of your specific requirements. 

The small sheds which are 4x2 in size, with a storage capacity of 30 to 35 cubic feet are ideal for storing gardening tools and pool types. Our medium-sized sheds, measuring 4x2.5 to 6x4 feet with a storage capacity of 36 to 140 let you easily store items like lawnmowers, bike accessories etc. If you want even more space, you might be interested in our large sheds, measuring 6x6 to 8x11 feet with an ample storage capacity ranging between 213 to 550 cubic feet. These sheds are apt for storing larger outdoor equipment or designing your dream workshop.

Elegant Neutral Design

Resin sheds have a stylish and crisp design that easily blends with any outdoor space. Keter sheds are available in a wide range of neutral colour combinations that enhance the overall visual appeal of your backyard.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Do Keter sheds have a simple and hassle-free assembly? Absolutely yes! Oui sheds can be quickly assembled with the given instructions and a few tools. So this means your new storage space can be operational without any delay. While other shed materials may need professional builders or a lot of time and expertise to build, resin storage sheds avoid all such hassles.

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We build in a sustainable manner.

We use innovative technologies and sustainable materials to build planet-friendly products that last a lifetime.