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Discover Signature

Keter Signature shed in Walnut

Inspired by Nature

Check out the classic Signature Collection by Keter which turns your outdoor storage with a touch of nature-inspired beauty. Our DECOCOAT™️ sheds have an innovative texture, which flawlessly blends with your outdoors. Select from Walnut or Ashwood finishes which withstand the toughest of weather conditions, ensuring high durability. Also, enjoy the beauty of real wood-grain patterns that last for a long time. Practical & safe, our signature sheds consist of double doors that allow easy access and a locking facility to keep your items secure. The weather-resistant bottom floor panels of the shed protect all your belongings from weather elements. Lastly, these products easily boost your outdoor organization, combining natural beauty and exceptional durability.

  • Wood look & feel of natural wood
    Wood look & feel of natural wood
  • Drillable & Paintable Walls
    Drillable & Paintable Walls
  • Thick & Steel-Reinforced Double Walls
    Thick & Steel-Reinforced Double Walls

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Discover Artisan

Keter Artisan shed in grey

Sleek Design + Function

Our stylish artisan sheds are the perfect blend of durability and elegance. They are designed with DuoTech Technology that offers a heavy-duty, weather-resistant and easy-to-maintain storage shed. The shed consists of strong handles and a delightful wood-look exterior. You can be assured of using this shed for a long time, and it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Look & Style of Natural Wood
    Look & Style of Natural Wood
  • Drillable & Paintable Walls
    Drillable & Paintable Walls
  • Thick & Steel-Reinforced Double Walls
    Thick & Steel-Reinforced Double Walls

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Discover Oakland

Keter Oakland shed in grey

Classic Style + Modern Functionality

Explore the Oakland line of sheds, a magical blend of nature’s beauty and modern utility. These sheds give a captivating wooden appearance and feel, which also brings a rustic touch to your outdoor space. What makes the Oakland line unique are its versatility and the option of customization, where you can drill and paint the shed to meet your style and preferences. Although they look like real wood, these sheds have a steel-reinforced and thick double-walled construction that offers them excellent strength and durability. This makes them resist weather elements and protects all your items in the shed. With the Oakland line, you can enjoy the timeless elegance of wood and top-notch performance of modern materials, making them a perfect addition to any outdoor yard.

  • Look & Texture of Natural Wood
    Look & Texture of Natural Wood
  • Features paintable & drillable Walls
    Features paintable & drillable Walls
  • Thick double-walled steel-reinforced construction
    Thick double-walled steel-reinforced construction

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Discover Darwin

Keter Artisan shed in grey

Simple & Quick Assembly

The Darwin sheds are a notch above every other shed due to their meticulous design and innovative EvoTech™ materials that ensure exceptional resilience and weather resistance. But what makes these sheds shine is their exceedingly simple assembly process. Keeping in mind the importance of easy operation, we have set user-friendliness as our top priority while making these sheds. Also, the sheds offer the look and feel of real wood, bolstered by a steel-reinforced design and a double-walled construction. It means the shed will bear an elegant look, while also providing great durability and safety for your outdoor storage needs.

  • Look & feel of real wood
    Look & feel of real wood
  • Steel-reinforced design
    Steel-reinforced design
  • Double-walled construction
    Double-walled construction

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Discover Factor

Keter Factor shed in grey

Traditional Colour + Functionality

Factor sheds are encapsulations of style and functionality in outdoor storage solutions. These sheds feature a look of elegant wood, that mixes flawlessly with any outdoor environment without the hassles of real wood. What makes Factor Sheds unique is their strong steel reinforcement and double-walled design made out of resilient, weather-resistant materials. This combo guarantees high durability and strong resistance to weather elements, which protects your belongings irrespective of the climate. If you need extra storage space or an elegant outdoor storage unit, Factor Sheds offers you the perfect blend of aesthetics and strength.

  • Elegant wooden-look
    Elegant wooden-look
  • Steel reinforced design
    Steel reinforced design
  • Double-walled construction
    Double-walled construction

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Designed with people in mind.

In your outdoor space, it is essential for durability, functionality and style to work in coherence. Keter has you, and your personal belongings fully secured.

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    We toil to make each product quick to assemble with common household tools.
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    Will never warp, rot, rust, dent, or peel no matter the weather.
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We use innovative technologies and sustainable materials to build planet-friendly products that last a lifetime.