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Mother and daughter water their plants growing in their elevated garden bed from Keter

Our Commitment to Sustainability

From the technologies we develop to the design process itself, every product we make is functional and made to last a lifetime. Our mission is to minimize the use of virgin resources and eliminate waste at each stage of the value chain.

We’ve designed all our products to be 100% recyclable and are on an ambitious trajectory to increase the use of recycled content in our products from 40% in 2020 to 55% in 2025. Because the earth is our home and our workplace. We like it and the people who live here.  

Together we can build a better company

Every single day, our employees worldwide rise to the occasion. They believe the future is bright and that together we can build a better company and, most importantly, a better world for future generations.

Alejandro Peña CEO, Keter Group
Alejandro Peña CEO, Keter Group

Our Sustainability Pillars

A joint effort towards sustainable living: 

  • Better Products
  • Better Planet
  • Better Business

a girl gives her dog a treat at a party next to the patio cooler from Keter

Better Products

We deliver innovative and durable lifestyle solutions that transform your outdoor space. 

Our products are designed to help people live more conveniently and comfortably at affordable prices. All of our products are 100% recyclable and designed to last a lifetime, we don't believe in single-use products.

Advancing a circular economy through the innovative use of recycled content in our products, some of which are made of up to 100% recycled materials, is of the utmost importance to us. Throughout 2022, we increased the use of recycled content in our production to 41.8%, representing 137,000 tons and the equivalent to the weight of 346 Boeing 747-400 planes.

mother and daughter inspect the plants growing in their garden bed

Better Planet

Sustainability has been a part of our company culture since its inception. With strategic targets to reduce 25% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, we continuously strive to achieve greater sustainability goals.

We reduce our carbon footprint through operational efficiencies and environmentally positive actions throughout our supply chain. Proactively contributing towards sustainable living through a range of climate resilience measures, prudent water management, and aggressive waste elimination.

School aged children work together to plant a garden

Better Business

Our success as a company depends on the innate understanding that diversity, equity, and inclusion lead to greater creativity, greater innovation, and ultimately greater sustainability achievements. 

With 5 production facilities across North America, we are proud to be involved and invest in each of our local communities through philanthropic initiatives. Such initiatives include our Keter Green Spaces program, in partnership with The Education Fund, aiming to make our communities greener through connection and education. We seek to educate and inspire a new generation of environmentally aware people that can spark change in the world. 

Our Sustainability Achievements & Goals

Sustainability Report

Keter invents products with our customers in mind and has consistently proven to be an industry leader in sustainable design and production.

We share a responsibility to look after our planet and we want to create products that are beautiful and functional while minimizing our environmental impact. We’ve made it our mission that by 2025 we will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from production by 25%, create zero waste to landfills from production, and increase our recycled content in total production to 55%. These are impactful goals for us to achieve and we’re allocating resources to pursue the sustainability needs of today while designing for tomorrow, shaping what's next for a better day.

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We build in a sustainable manner.

We use innovative technologies and sustainable materials to build planet-friendly products that last a lifetime.