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Outdoor Storage

If you have outdoor items like patio cushions, gardening tools, unicorn pool floats for kids, etc, you know how much space they consume. While these are essential items without a doubt, they can also make your yard look messy. But with the impressive storage lineup from Keter, you can free the clutter in your backyard and reclaim the space. We have in stock everything you need to store, ranging from as small as your kid’s bubble machine to the large voluminous patio cushions. Our collection of storage deck boxes, storage benches, package delivery boxes, storage cabinet boxes is all you need to have a beautiful backyard, which is free of clutter.
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Having everything you need, right where you need it.

Designed from UV protected and weather resistant resin, our outdoor storage collections will keep your personal items safe and dry while still looking as intact as the day you bought them.

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In your outdoor space, it is essential for durability, functionality and style to work in coherence. Keter has you, and your personal belongings fully secured.

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While considering outdoor storage, you might be unaware of some exceedingly fantastic options. Although storage sheds are the first that come to mind, there are several other ways to add storage to your outdoor space.

Different Types of Outdoor Storage

Storage sheds are the most widely discussed accessory for outdoor storage. However, there are several other options for keeping your personal items safe and secure. Some of them are Deck Boxes, Storage Benches, Storage Cabinets, etc., which are excellent additions to your outdoor space.

What Can You Store?

While using a storage shed for storing oversized items like lawnmowers, snow blowers, outdoor patio furniture, etc, you may also need separate space to store smaller items. This is where accessories like Deck Boxes, Storage Benches and Storage Cabinets can be of tremendous help. In Deck Boxes and Storage Benches, you can store cushions, pool toys, grilling equipment, and gardening tools. Storage Cabinets are ideal for keeping items like sporting equipment, tools, pool maintenance supplies, small outdoor toys etc, safe and secure.


While choosing outdoor storage accessories, it is normal for individuals to double and triple-check the durability of the accessories. Of course, nobody wants their personal items to get broken or soiled. The Keter’s resin outdoor storage solutions keep your belongings safe and secure, without needing any maintenance.  

Types of Materials

Talking of durability, Keter’s outdoor sheds stand apart from others due to their strong resin construction. Resin is comparatively much more durable than wood or metal. It only needs little to no maintenance and is weather-resistant, unlike other materials. It means your outdoor storage will not crack, rot, rust or peel, offering you great peace of mind regarding the safety of your items. 


Another great aspect of Keter’s outdoor storage solutions is their wide range of sizes. If you are hesitant about convincing your husband to add a large shed to the backyard, you can go for a small size or a medium-sized storage shed. Also, if you like to have some secret storage, a storage bench is all you need. It doesn’t matter what storage size you need, Keter offers you the right solution all the time.

Securing the Boundary

Lastly, you might be worried about the safety of your storage. Even if no one will try to get into your yard, it is always good to be prepared. Many outdoor Keter storage solutions feature spots for a padlock. This means you can always lock your things up if needed.

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