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Keeping Your Yard Organized Throughout the Year

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop in your home. It’s important to prepare your outdoor space for the new season as well. This may seem like a daunting task but if you start with having the right outdoor storage solutions for your yard, cleaning and organizing will be super easy.

Picking the Perfect Backyard Shed

Many different types of sheds are great for housing large items such as lawnmowers, gardening supplies, snowblowers, and more. Wood and metal sheds are good basic shed options, however, both require ongoing maintenance to protect against damage caused by natural elements. Resin sheds are the fastest and easiest to assemble and require low to no maintenance at all.  

Storage Solutions for Smaller Yards

When space and building permits are an issue, a deck box, small shed or both are great, easy-to-assemble alternatives to large sheds. Small sheds are perfect for keeping larger patio and deck accessories such as cushions and push lawn mowers.

Pool Deck Storage

Add style and functionality to your pool area with a deck box. Deck boxes are perfect for keeping smaller outdoor items and pool supplies easily accessible. Designed with convenience in mind, the Keter Eastwood Deck Box has the look and feel of wood, but is made of a weather-resistant resin frame. You can keep this wood-look storage deck box right by your pool for extra seating.

Garden and Yard Storage

Adding a storage bench to your garden or yard gives you the best of both worlds: stylish, comfortable seating and practical outdoor storage. The natural look of the Keter Solana storage bench allows it to mesh perfectly with a variety of outdoor styles. Not only is it completely weather-resistant, but it will also keep any contents dry and ventilated inside.

Other Types of Outdoor Storage

There might be types of outdoor storage you haven’t even thought about or knew existed. Maybe you have items in your yard or garage that are eyesores or things you’ve wanted to store elsewhere, but you’re not sure where or how. Here are a few things you may not have thought about.

Outdoor Trash Bin Storage

Most homeowners have large plastic garbage bins that they have to roll out to the curb for collection once a week. These bins are often smelly and have strange colors. Storing them in your garage or on the side of your house can be a smelly eyesore. That’s why you need the Signature Horizontal Shed. This amazing shed fits beautifully on the side of your house and will hide your unsightly trash cans. It includes an easy-open lid, ventilation for airflow and a floor panel to keep mud and dirt off everything. You can also get a lid kit so it opens and closes with your trash bin tops. 

If you already have a place for your trash bins, the Premier Jumbo Shed can also be used to store items like bikes, gardening equipment and more. Its subtle yet beautiful storage fits your needs.

Garage, Basement, and Laundry Room Storage

Garages, basements, laundry rooms and storage rooms are notoriously messy. There often isn’t the proper organizational tools to keep everything in place.

Storage Rotations and Ideas By Season

Another way to look at storage is by season. Needs vary greatly from season to season and items need to be rotated in and out of storage. For example, in the winter months, you’ll need storage space for outdoor furniture. In the summer months, the outdoor furniture probably won’t be in the shed anymore, but you’ll want to store snow blowers, shovels, and more. This kind of rotation creates space as it’s needed and can mean less clutter in garages and common areas. Let’s break this down by season.


Come springtime, you’ll probably be focusing on getting your garden ready as well as getting some outdoor furniture from your storage shed. While it might not be time to pull out all of the pool toys, pulling out some patio seating from the shed might be just what you need. If you live in a region where snow stops in the spring, you might be able to swap your patio seating out of the shed and put in winter items. Things like snow blowers, shovels, de-icer, and heavy winter clothing can all be cleaned, dried, and then packed away in your storage shed. This will vary a lot by region, though. So, just be sure that these items are still easily accessible, because, according to “Many parts of the United States can still see snow well into April and May.” So, keep this in mind as you switch items in and out of storage come spring. 

Also, be sure to mind your garden and keep your tools easily accessible as well. You might not be planting anything in the ground just yet, but preparing the soil and raising seedlings might require your gardening equipment. So, keep your snow and gardening equipment close to the front of your shed since spring can be very unpredictable. 


Once the summer months hit, it’s time to pack away the last of any wintery-type items and prepare your yard for outdoor fun. Sun loungers, pool toys, cushions, and grill equipment are probably all things you’ve had packed away for months, and they can be retrieved from storage and utilized now. Switch these items out with boxes of fall and winter clothing as well as any lingering items you’ve used for snow removal. You’ll also likely want to keep gardening and yard equipment still in storage, but easily accessible, while colder-month items can be moved to the back of your storage shed.


The fall is a big time for storing items away. While your weather will depend on where you live, it’s still good to pair down items you’ve been using in the summer and put them in storage. You’ll want to clean all of your outdoor furniture, pool toys, yard equipment, and anything else you’ve had outside, and let it dry properly. Once it’s dried, begin to move these items to the back of your shed as you won’t need them for several months. You’ll want to move items like rakes and even snow removal equipment to the front of your storage for easy access. It's also a good idea to bring fall decor and fall clothing into your home before it snows or gets cold. This helps you be better prepared.

However, fall can be a very pleasant time of year to enjoy your outdoor space. You might experience nice sunny days while the evenings are cooler. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA), these are the perfect conditions for beautiful fall foliage. So, even if the evenings are getting cooler, still consider leaving a few Adirondack chairs out on your porch for a bit so you can sit and enjoy the fall weather. Once it starts to get too rainy, cold, or snowy, you can easily stick the chairs into storage.


Winter is probably the season when your outdoor storage will get the most use. Hopefully, by wintertime, most of your outdoor items have been put into storage. If they haven’t this is the time to make sure everything is stored properly so it doesn’t get ruined over the next few months. Anything that could be damaged by cold temperatures or winter weather needs to be stored carefully. You’ll also want to make sure winter outdoor items like snow blowers, sleds, skis, etc. are all placed close to the front of your storage for easy access. If you need to move a few items out of storage and into your home, you’ll want to take things like holiday decorations and winter clothing inside before the first snow.

No matter how you need to store things, Keter has a solution because everything is better with Keter. 

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