Get Your Home Organised for an Easier Back to School!

Get Your Home Organised for an Easier Back to School!

Get Your Home Organised for an Easier Back to School!

Back to school season is upon us and changing gear from those relaxed, easy going summer days to busy and hectic mornings is never easy. If you want to avoid unnecessary stress and last-minute chaos, all you need to do is get organised. To help you do that, here are some easy to apply organisational tips.


Sort it out

Go through all the kids’ clothes and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit them anymore. If your kids get tired of trying on clothes, you can just ask them to stand up while they listen to music or watch TV and hold the clothes in front of their body, as if they were wearing it. That should do the trick.


Colour code files

Dedicate some shelves for file boxes, one for each child, and create a filing system for all the school assignments and materials. Each class receives a colour-coded file so you and the kids can find them easily. This way, all materials and assignments can be neatly stashed away and easily accessed.  


Buy supplies in bulk

Keep a stash of regularly used school supplies (markers, pencils, pens, glue and so on) so you never run out at the last-minute. Plus, buying supplies in bulk will also save you money.


Streamline your mornings

The bathroom can get extremely crowded in the mornings so keep things moving efficiently and smoothly by organising all the items in separate baskets. As soon as everyone knows where each item is, they can quickly grab what they need to get ready.


Create a colourful daily routine chart

Help your kids stay on top of things by creating a colourful chart of their daily schedule and displaying it on the fridge or the wall.