Follow These Easy Tips to Create an Insta-Worthy Garden

Follow These Easy Tips to Create an Insta-Worthy Garden

Follow These Easy Tips to Create an Insta-Worthy Garden

The best thing about having a garden is that you get to enjoy the beauty of nature on a daily basis. Oh wait, that’s not it. Let us try this again: the best about having a garden is that you can post amazing pics on Instagram on a daily basis. Yes, that’s the right one!

So how do you get your garden to look photogenic enough for Instagram? Just follow these tips.


Store clutter away

Let’s face it – if your garden is cluttered, it will never be Insta-worthy. But, if the thought of sorting out all that mess in your backyard fills you with dread, don’t fret! The simplest solution is to get a stylish and functional garden shed and store all your mess in it.


The secret is in the plants

Creating small and interesting areas around the garden can result in incredible pictures.

To do this, simply plant some pretty plants and group them together. If you don’t have particularly green fingers you can also use pots, which are much easier to grow.


Take the inside out

An inviting sitting area should be an integral part of every garden, but if you want to elevate that for Instagram you can create an outdoor living space complete with a stylish outdoor rug, ambient lighting and great looking furniture.


Light it up

Every photographer will tell you that lighting is essential for taking beautiful pictures, so it’s important to add some stylish lights. Try hanging string lights around the garden to add some romance to your pictures, while solar powered ground lights can be used to draw attention to certain areas in your garden.

In addition, candles are extremely photogenic and add a lot of warmth, so dot some lanterns or other candle holders around the garden.


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