KNIT - Poufs

    Picture of KNIT Cozy Seat

    KNIT Cozy Seat

    • Durable enough for the outdoors, and stylish enough for inside the house or on the patio.
    • Can stand up to all weather conditions.
    • Comes in a variety of colors.
    Picture of KNIT Cozy Table

    KNIT Cozy Table

    • Made out of a flexible resin that’s durable and suitable for all weather conditions.
    • Provides 41L of storage.
    • Available in a variety of trend-setting colors.
    Picture of KNIT Cozy Urban Set

    KNIT Cozy Urban Set

    • The two seats and one table in this set are constructed out of durable, flexible resin, making the set weather-resistant.
    • The table provides 41L of storage space.
    • Available in a fun variety of colors.