KNIT Cozy Pet Home

    SKU: 17202130


    • This durable pet house resists damage, whether it’s from the elements out on the porch or from a cranky cat in the living room.
    • It’s also low maintenance and easy to keep in great shape.
    • Included cushions ensure that your beloved pet is always comfy.
    • You can choose between a one-color design option, or a design option that features a top in a contrasting shade.


    Combine a classic knit pattern with 3D design and flexible resin material and what do you get? A pet house even the pickiest feline will love. The KNIT Cozies Pet Home is a unique pet house that resists weather and animal damage and comes with a pair of comfy cushions and in your choice of two design options. 

    Product features

    • Durable and flexible resin construction
    • Classic knit pattern
    • Two cushions included
    • Two design options
    • Comes in a variety of colors


    w 56.7 cm
    d 56.7 cm
    h 32.9 cm