So, the time has finally come for you to invest in a shed for your back yard. Congrats!



    Now that you have made this decision you have to decide what type of shed and how much benefit it is going to provide for your investment. There are basically three types of sheds – plastic, wooden, and metal. Each of these sheds has an absolute benefit as being a shed that provides storage for your gardening tools, kids’ toys, and other peripheral items; however not all sheds are created equal.


    So, which type of shed should you go for?

    Well, in the final analysis plastic sheds confer additional benefits that wooden or metal sheds do not, primarily in the area of maintenance. Wooden sheds are susceptible to the elements and require frequent scraping and painting and, depending on what material is used for the roof, this may also require maintenance. And let’s hope there are no termites, rodents, or insects in your yard - they absolutely love wood. Metal sheds are also susceptible to the elements resulting in rust and it is doubtful you will want to enter it in summer with sun beating down on a metal structure.

    Yet, a plastic shed can be assembled quickly and easily where you like, and require minimal maintenance as they are sturdy and, with the types of plastic used in their manufacture, are almost immune to the elements. An occasional hosing down is usually enough to keep them looking good as new.


    Since wooden and metal sheds need to be built on site, there is a high probability that you will need to apply for a permit at your local city council or municipal building department in your town. No matter how small the shed, when erecting a new structure on your premises, chances are that the council/town will need to make sure everything is done with accordance to safety requirements.

    If a permit is required, the good news is that most towns have the form to build a shed on their website with all the requisite requirements listed. Towns may even have a list of pre-approved engineering drawings on site to make the task easier. Similarly, application fees are not exorbitant.

    In many areas, plastic sheds do not require a permit but this is something you will need to verify. A quick call to your council/town should do the trick.




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