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Think Inside the Box: 5 Ways to Rid Your Deck of Clutter

A cluttered deck can turn your tranquil paradise of a backyard into a pretty stressful environment. In addition, if you entertain a lot in the summers, you’ll need to do a major cleanup each time you decide to have company over. However, getting rid of the clutter and making your deck more functional doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or comfort. In fact, by thinking inside the box – that is, by using creative storage solutions and smart organization techniques -- you can transform your deck into a peaceful, inviting retreat. In this article, we'll explore five ways to rid your deck of clutter and create a space that's both functional and beautiful. Whether you have a tiny balcony or a sprawling deck, these tips will help you make the most of your outdoor space.

1. Consider Your Deck and How You Use It

The first thing you’ll want to do is simply look around your deck. What types of items have a tendency to pile up? Think about items that seldom seem to get put away, such as kids' toys, pool items, gardening tools, grilling equipment, furniture, etc. Being able to spot problem areas and find solutions for them can be greatly beneficial when it comes to deck organization. So, for example, if your kids are a major source of clutter by leaving items all over the place, you might want to consider a storage solution that’s easy for them to use. That way, parents don’t always need to pick up the slack. Set up a system with easy storage solutions that you can teach your kids to utilize, and problems are solved! 

You’ll also want to consider how you use your deck. Do you throw barbecues every weekend? Maybe you just enjoy drinking your morning coffee by yourself while taking in the view from your outdoor bistro set. Perhaps everyone in the neighborhood comes to use your pool during the summer, and they use your deck as a place to sunbathe. No matter how you use it, you’ll want to take that into consideration as you declutter and get new items. How you use your deck can play a huge role in the way you organize it. 

2. Evaluate your Furniture

If you have a deck, you probably have a few basic components. A lot of homeowners have grills, tables, seating, sun loungers, outdoor couches, ottomans and maybe even umbrellas for coverage from the sun. No matter what you own, items can have a tendency to pile up as you buy new items, don’t want to replace old favorites or simply just have a lot of items placed around your deck. Regardless of why you have clutter on your deck, it’s time to evaluate your items and make a few choices, like getting rid of old furniture and replacing it with newer more functional options. 

Check Old Furniture

At the beginning of spring and fall, it’s good to evaluate your deck furniture. Check for any problem areas like cracking, peeling paint, rotting and just general wear and tear. If your furniture is starting to wear out, it’s best to evaluate if it needs to be replaced or not. While you might try to get away with keeping the same old reliable piece of furniture, eventually, no one will want to sit on it and it will become clutter. 

So, if you start seeing damage to furniture that’s not easily fixable, it might be time to consider getting rid of those pieces. Another reason to replace outdoor furniture is that it might not fit your taste and style anymore, which is understandable, too. Furniture clutter can be one of the most prevalent problems when it comes to a disorganized deck. So, choose what you keep wisely and replace old, less functional items.

Replace with New Furniture

As you get rid of old outdoor furniture, research durable pieces that will last for a while. Keter’s outdoor furniture and storage solutions are made from a durable weather-resistant resin that won’t crack, rot, rust or peel. Getting more durable and stylish furniture means it will last longer, and you can even get multifunctional items. 

For example, many of our storage benches and deck boxes have generous storage capacities and can be used as seating when closed. So, you can organize all of the items that clutter your deck and store them neatly away in a bin or bench. That way, you’ll get a great-looking and durable piece of furniture with the added benefit of storage! It’s a win-win situation! 

If you currently have a lot of furniture on your deck, or your yard requires a lot of tools for maintenance, you might want to consider getting a storage shed. Our wide variety of sheds range from small to large. So, you can find a shed that fits your outdoor space perfectly. This can be a good solution for reducing clutter as well as extending the life of your outdoor furniture and tools. Otherwise, they might be exposed to the elements of every season. When you’re not utilizing weather-resistant furniture and tools, storing them in a shed can help extend their lifetime. So, buying a shed will decrease clutter and possibly even save you money when you don’t need to buy replacement items every other year.

3. Think About Who Uses Your Deck

As mentioned above, if you notice that a lot of the clutter comes from certain family members like kids not putting things away, we have a solution for that. We have several models of deck boxes that have easy opening and soft closing mechanisms. So, they’ll be easy for even smaller kids to use, and when they close the storage deck box, their fingers won’t get pinched. This creates an easy system that the whole family can use, and can decrease clutter overnight. 

If the clutter doesn’t come from kids, a deck box can still be a great solution. Or you could even get a shelf cabinet to store items like gardening tools and grilling equipment. Having storage that is functional, easy to use and also beautiful is something we pride ourselves on. So, no matter who seems to be creating the clutter, we probably have a solution that will work easily for them.

4. Regular Cleaning

In order to keep your deck from getting re-cluttered, make a plan to keep it clean and stick to it. Perhaps pick a certain day of the week, such as Sundays, where you pick up loose items, sweep and throw away any trash. Things like dirt, debris and leaves can accumulate on the deck and make it look unkept and make things look worse. To prevent this, you should sweep it regularly. It's a good idea to wipe down your deck furniture and other surfaces periodically to remove any built-up dirt and grime. You’ll probably also want to re-organize and re-evaluate inside of your storage solutions every once in a while. By taking the time to clean and organize your deck on a regular basis, you'll not only enjoy a more visually appealing space but will also prolong its lifespan and ensure your safety and comfort while using it.

5. Utilize Vertical Space

Some homeowners love having plants all over their deck, and this can be a wonderful thing. However, finding creative ways to store your plants or make them look neater can really help with deck clutter. So, consider doing things like getting hanging plants and hanging them in areas around the deck. If you don’t like this idea, grab a weather-resistant planter or a raised garden bed. They’ll take up less space than traditional planters and look amazing, too.


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