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How to Style Your Poolside

Sitting next to the pool can be one of the highlights of spending time in your backyard. A beautiful and relaxing space styled well can make it even better! So, we’ve partnered with digital creator @morgan_elizabeths who is a lifestyle and home expert. We wanted to see how she refreshed her poolside space with her favorite Keter products. Here are the results!

The Tahoe Adirondack Chairs and Cool Bar

Picture sitting on the porch of your lake house and taking in the breathtaking views. What kind of chair are you using? It’s more than likely an Adirondack! The Adirondack is an iconic piece that brings back memories of relaxing at a tropical destination. We can help you bring a little bit of that home! Our Adirondacks can withstand Mother Nature’s harshest weather and also have a 20-year warranty. So, they’re in it with you for the long haul.

Using Tahoe Adirondacks in Weatherwood to style your pool deck is one of our favorite ways to refresh an outdoor space. The chairs are versatile and look equally impressive on a porch, deck, or poolside. @morgan_elizabeths also added colorful throw pillows, bringing the whole look together. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite new seat!

@morgan_elizabeths also used our sleek, cool bar as a side table. You can style it like her by using plants, books, and other smaller items to decorate, giving it a cozy feel. Need some cool drinks poolside as well as a table? No problem! The Cool Bar is a cooler that can double as a space for guests to put down their drinks. It pops up to create a small bar table for entertaining–transitioning seamlessly from being used for lounging to entertaining in seconds! 

Imagine lounging by the pool in the afternoon and chatting with your best friend, and using the cool bar as a spot to place your phones. Then, just a few hours later, be able to easily transition your space for a neighborhood barbecue you’re hosting by filling up the cool bar cooler and popping the bar table up. It’s genuinely that easy with our products!

Patio Cooler and Beverage Cart

Another outstanding product for styling or refreshing your poolside is our Patio Cooler and Beverage Cart. In addition, it has wheels, so you can easily move it outside for brunch or use it for your family pool party later in the day. It will keep your cold drinks easily at hand and snacks ready to go for hungry guests. So, you can focus on hosting and enjoying a good time with friends!

@morgan_elizabeths’ Patio Cooler and Beverage Cart is the perfect inspiration for your next backyard event. The way she has the folding side tables holding yummy snacks, a cooler full of ice-cold drinks for consumption, and glassware ready for her guests to use is ideal!

Why Keter Pieces are Poolside Refresh Approved

So, why is our outdoor furniture the best for a poolside refresh? There are several reasons! The first is that our pieces are designed to have a stylish and modern look and come in many colors. So, we’ll have something that fits your aesthetic. 

Our products are also durable, weather-resistant, and low-maintenance so that they can be left outdoors without fuss. Because of their durable and sturdy construction, they will not rot, rust, peel, or fade with time. So, they’ll stay in working order longer than other types of outdoor furniture, and the colors will remain vibrant. In addition, they’re effortless to clean, and they look amazing in person as well as in Instagram pictures!

Trust your poolside refresh to the best because #EverythingisbetterwithKeter!