With DUOTECH™, you can enjoy a whole new level of durability, functionality and appearance, along with zero maintenance. Equip your outside spaces with sheds and garden furniture made of the best construction material for the outdoors, and rest assured that they will last for years to come.

Based on a combination of innovative technology, smart engineering and distinctive materials, DUOTECH™ is a breakthrough in outdoor products. Each and every item built with DUOTECH™ features a natural look and feel, double-wall construction with internal reinforcements, and complete resistance to all weather conditions.

Sheds built with DUOTECH™ are easily customized.
Cut It

Easy to work with, you can cut out an extra window to increase the natural light.

Drill It

Easy to modify, you can drill it and truly adjust your workspace as per your special needs

Hang on it

Install more functionality by adding organizers and hanging shelves using D-Clip™.

Paint It

Roll on a coat of paint in your favorite color to transform the shed and make it your own.


DUOTECH™ sheds are designed to be a long-term addition to your favorite outdoor space. The limited lifetime guarantee offered by Keter on DUOTECH™ sheds protects your investment against defects in the material or manufacturing flaws.


DUOTECH™ panels are gorgeous as they come, but they’re also made to feature your favorite shades of paint. Add a shade that matches your house, landscape or outdoor area, or brighten things up with the perfect pop of color.


Make your DUOTECH™ shed truly your own with the many customization options the material makes possible. Whether you want to use your shed for storage, as a workspace, or as a backyard getaway, it’s easy to turn a DUOTECH™ shed into anything you can imagine.


Entertain worry-free with DUOTECH™. Garden furniture are easy to clean—just wipe the surface with a paper towel, then rinse with water and pressure wash for two minutes. Scrub off tough stains with a cream cleaner and sponge or brush with no fear of ruining the finish. For extra protection, you can also apply an optional coat of clear varnish to repel liquids and prevent stains without compromising your DUOTECH™ garden furniture look and feel.


DUOTECH™ products are engineered for strength and durability to ensure they can withstand anything the outdoors can unleash. The double wall construction and steel reinforcements help DUOTECH™ sheds remain uncompromised and keep your belongings protected.


Your DUOTECH™ product requires absolutely no varnish or paint after it’s unpacked, and zero upkeep thanks its durability and robust weather resistance. Fully protected against fading, peeling, denting, rust, decay and other damage, DUOTECH™ products are built to last for years to come.


Give your DUOTECH™ shed even more functionality by installing shelves and other organizers using the D-Clip™ anchor system, which provides simple and worry-free hanging of everything from shelves, organizers and track walls to clocks, art and other decorations.