KNIT Cozy Table

    Artikelnummer: 17203083


    • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • A unique mix of classic knitting patterns and modern 3D design.
    • Super low maintenance and easy to care for thanks to its resin construction.


    If you love furniture pieces that are unique and fun but still useful, the Cozies table by KNIT is for you. This table doubles as a storage bin and is part of an innovative line that combines knitting patterns with 3D design and flexible resin for an end product that’s unlike anything that’s been seen before. 


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    • Aus einem flexiblen, robusten und witterungsbeständigen Kunststoff.
    • 41 Liter Stauraum.
    • In verschiedenen beliebten Farben erhältlich.


    W 40,6 cm
    D 40,6 cm
    H 41,4 cm