Knit Cozies Set Small + Medium

    Artikelnummer: 17202678


    • With their beautiful knit-inspired texture and array of sophisticated colors, these planters make a gorgeous addition to any space either indoors or outdoors.
    • They’re also easy to maintain thanks to the weather resistance that keeps them from rusting, decaying or sustaining other weather-related damage.


    Plant care made stylish and easy. This set includes a 3.2 L capacity KNIT Cozies planter as well as a 9.4 L capacity planter, for all kinds of plants. Both planters feature a beautiful knit-inspired texture that evokes a feeling of coziness while also being fashion-forward. The planters are made out of a durable resin that makes it weather-resistant, and they come with handles, removable liners and drainage plugs to make caring for your plants easy and convenient. 

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    • Zwei Pflanztöpfe
    • 3,2 Liter und 9,4 Liter Kapazität
    • Haltbares Kunststoffmaterial
    • Strick-Optik
    • Griffe für einfache Handhabung
    • Herausnehmbare Innenauskleidung
    • Entwässerungsstöpsel
    • Erhältlich in vielen angesagten Farben
    • Zwei Jahre Garantie


    small medium
    W 28,0 cm 36,0 cm
    D 28,0 cm 36,0 cm
    H 18,0 cm 22,8 cm