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      Outdoor Toys

      Picture of Beetle Sandbox & Pool

      Beetle Sandbox & Pool

      • Holds 90 kg of sand or 60 L of water
      • Built-in wide molded bench
      • Easy-grip steering wheel and decorative stickers included
      • Comes with lid
      • Durable resin construction
      Picture of Boogie Slide

      Boogie Slide

      • Solid structure
      • Foldable
      • High sides
      • Rounded corners
      • Fun colors
      Picture of Elephant Trio Rocker

      Elephant Trio Rocker

      • Shaped like two elephants
      • Comfortably seats two children
      • Easy-grip handles
      • Built-in slip-resistant footrests
      • Decorative stickers included
      Picture of Patio Center

      Patio Center

      • Comfortable seating for two children
      • Detachable colorful umbrella included
      • Comes with two cups and a storage pocket for accessories
      • Durable resin construction
      Picture of The Water Kingdom

      The Water Kingdom

      • Play opportunities with both sand and water
      • Protective lid provides as smooth surface for art and lifts up into a 3D vertical play board
      • Comes with one bridge, one island, two spinners, two cups (one large and one small) and a funnel
      • Durable resin construction
      Picture of Sand & Water Play Table

      Sand & Water Play Table

      • Holds up to 15 L of water
      • Can handle a load of up to 30 kg
      • Two removable sand and water bowls
      • Comes with two protective lids
      • Large cup, colander and two molds included