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      Deco Composter

      SKU: 17196661


      • Easy to assemble, additional tools not required.
      • The inner wall connecting system increases the stability and durability of this unit.
      • Comes in slim packaging that’s eco-friendly and easy to handle.


      Make your earth-friendly dirty work look good. The Deco Composter is constructed out of a durable, weather-resistant resin that’s made from recycled material and features a great-looking wooden slat-like texture. For added durability it has an inner wall connecting system. This 340 L composter is simple to assemble and comes in slim, eco-friendly packaging. 

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      Product features

      • Constructed of a durable, weather-resistant resin made from recycled material
      • Inner wall connecting system
      • Wooden slat-like texture
      • 340 L capacity
      • Comes in brown and black


      w 72.0 cm
      d 74.0 cm
      h 69.5 cm
      capacity:340.0 l
      weight:15.4 kg


      w 73.0 cm
      h 72.0 cm
      d 49.0 cm

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