Storage Buildings

Keter's plastic range of plastic storage buildings includes a wide range of solutions for all your storage needs. Ranging in size from a particularly large, upscale plastic storage building featuring wide double-door access and reinforced steel construction to smaller plastic storage buildings, Keter has the perfect plastic storage building for you.

Convenient, durable, and weather-resistant, plastic storage buildings offer you a welcoming storage or workspace in your garden that is perfect for tools, bicycles, building supplies, and more.

All Keter plastic storage buildings feature plastic floor panels to ensure that you always have a firm, steady, and dry floor, and the larger models include opening windows, a skylight, an additional door, and a built-in rain collection gutter. A sophisticated ventilation system ensures that you can breathe easily while pests are prevented from entering.

Keter's plastic storage buildings are available in several natural colors to best fit the surroundings and your personal preferences.
Keter also supplies accessory kits of various sizes to complete your plastic storage building experience – shelves and brackets that help to organize the interior of your plastic storage building and maximize the available space.